Day 10 The cry of the North Simpkins

Just like yesterday she had to visit the Sergeant in his room, but he was not around the nurse said that he needs to get back to the operating room to replace the bandage and make it sure that it was already healed, she leaves a message to the table and back to the Northern Simpkins to teach the kids that she enjoys it now.

She handed all the materials she needed and some packed foods for the kids, she helped by the soldiers to bring things she needed. The kids are so happy to see her and feel excited to learn new lessons from her. They shared the food that she prepared for the people of the North Simpkins before she starts to teach they enjoyed it a lot and their parents are too thankful for her for the help and concerned to them.

The kids are all ears listening to her they are enjoying a lot in learning a nursery rhyme and listening to the stories that she just invented funny, but she likes it too now they can bring the kids to her fantasy that turns into reality just like what happen right now for her to fall in love with the Sergeant. A moment later, the kids invited her to play games that she taught a day ago she has no reason to say no to them because all she wanted is to feel them of being a kid for some time despite of the war that they are with right now.

They formed a circle holding their hands and turning around, they sing a song that she taught to the kids all that she heard was the laughter and see them with a happy face, she used to dance too with the kids and laugh with

them but a moment later they heard a loud explosion near from the place of North Simpkins.

The kids get afraid and all of them are coming close to her, they are all crying as they heard a massive explosion just near the area, everybody is frightened their parents come after with their kids trying to save from the massive explosion, they had to run from the safest place their homes has totally burn the rice, vegetables and fruits they harvest was totally burned, animals are running too, and trying to run away, but she thinks about the safety of the people of the North Simpkins if she only could call a help to the Sergeant and to the Arland Soldiers to save them from this kind of war. She has no idea where those explosions were coming from it was like a total blast, she had seen in her entire life.

She cried for what had happened to the place of Northern Simpkins, there were tears in their eyes, children are frightened, many are injured and they didn't know if others are saved from the massive explosions just like them. She helped lift the wounded to keep them away from the site of the explosion she also helped to apply bait to heal the wounded. She tried to be calm it is the only way to show to the people that there is still hope and the Arland soldiers will come to save them from this terror. She hugged the old woman screaming and yelling because of frightened. She can't hold her tears she feels afraid too, but this is not the time to be emotional she needs to be strong for the people of the Northern Simpkins.

It was only a matter of time before the Arland soldiers arrived at the Northern Simpkins area with trucks carrying the soldiers and helicopters they saw in the air. She burst into tears when she saw the Sergeant and she did not know as long as she just ran closer to the Sergeant and suddenly she hugged and cried. She makes her assured that everything will be okay, the Sergeant brings her at the safest Place and a group of soldiers make sure that the people of the Northern Simpkins will be safe especially the children.

The Arland soldiers began their operation to search and rescue the wounded and began to investigate and find the Sans Serif terrorist they need to find out why they had to target the civilians what they really need a war? Yes a war that never been ended, despite in peace and order the Arland Soldiers brings to the people of the Northern Simpkins.

It's already midnight the investigation has done, she prepared food for the children, the people of Northern Simpkins, forage and a bowl of soup is the only that she can prepare for this time all the food that they harvest of the people of the Northern Simpkins was burned too because of the explosion. She handed a tray of forage and a bowl of soup and distributed it one by one.

She scooped up the remaining hot broth and took it to the Sergeant who was temporarily resting in the distance.

"Hi.. She greeted the Sergeant. The Sergeant just nodded and looks as far

" I'll bring some hot soup to fill your stomach, I hope it will help you".

"Oh, thank you, How about you? Have you had something to eat?

She just shook her head and sat down next to the Sergeant.

" I'm not hungry".

The Sergeant nods and started to taste the hot soup that she brought for him.

"I'm sorry if it is not taste good, there's no left seasoning I just put a salt on it".

The Sergeant just laughs loud, it was a totally a relieved to him at this moment talking to her he made him smile with nothing.

"No... It tastes good it helps to fill my stomach".

"Really" she smiled at the Sergeant.

The Sergeant melts every time she smiles because her beauty stands out every time she smiles; it is the one of the reasons why Sergeant likes her.

"Anyways, I read your message this morning.

" Ah huh.. "hmm, well, I just don't want to find me in somewhere else"

Chyrill just bows her head and smiled secretly she don't want to notice that she got blushed, she suddenly stood up and decided to go back at the people of the Northern Simpkins she can't take any longer to talk longer to the Sergeant her heart is pounding and she don't want to notice it by the Sergeant.

"I need to go back there, I think they need my help. She reasoned to the Sergeant.

" Oh.. Okay, sure... Take care we will talk later.

She just nodded and walks away to the Sergeant. The Sergeant wants to stop her and tell her to stay for a while, but he was then shy to ask Chyrill. Maybe love is growing in between them with this girl or maybe he was falling into her. 

Day 11 The Sergeant is In love

Who can say that in the midst of the war there was a love that formed the Sergeant finally fell in love with Chyrill who was stranded in the Place of Simpkins where the war is never ending. Since yesterday until now he needs to keep an eye on every single minute of this place to assure that the innocent people of Northern Simpkins will not be in danger especially Chyrill. He went into the tent where Chyrill is resting, he entered inside and he saw Chyrill is deeply asleep, he was then smiled she's too beautiful in his eyes maybe she got tired in helping the others to save the others and preparing foods for the children, to the people of Simpkins and for them, she must be a fallen angel that was sent to them too funny to think that she was suspected that she's one of the Sans Serif terrorists, but as time pass and days she stayed at the camp he knows that this woman has a good heart.

He moves closer to Chyrill he wanted to see her face when she was sleeping, but at the moment Chyrill was awake and she sees that the Sergeant was looking too close at her, she suddenly got up. 

"Oh.. I'm sorry to wake you up"

"it's okay, is there something happened? Do you need my help?

" No.. No.. just checking you if you rest well".

Chyrill just smiled at the Sergeant and nod.

"Oh... Yes, I have slept... I think three hours"

"Sorry to disturb you, you can go back to sleep now".

"Alright, Siguro may gusto ka na sa akin noh? She speaks again in her language and smiled to the Sergeant.

" There you go again, speaking in your language huh".

"Ha ha ha" She just laughs and back to her sleep.

Sergeant goes outside of her tent smiling and feels a bit shy, he just shook her head and back at his post.

She covers herself in a blanket and trying to go back to sleep, about an hour since Sergeant has visited here in the tent she can't be able to back at sleep again, she is now wondering for how long Sergeant Herrera looks at her while she is sleeping, she decided to get up and help the others to prepare a meal for the kids, the people of Northern Simpkins and the Arland Soldiers.

She came out of the tent and she sees that everyone is busy she sees Sergeant is coming over her handed with a bowl of soup and bread.

"I hope you rest well"

"hmmm, yes, I had a good sleep, " she said, but, actually she hasn't enough sleep, she was not able to sleep again from the time he entered the tent.

Sergeant Herrera gives to Chyrill a bowl of soup and a bread.

"Thank you"

"Enjoy your meal, I know it's not too enough to fill your empty stomach, but it helps you a lot."

She just nodded and smiled at the Sergeant.

Not far from where they are standing with the Sergeant they see the children are fighting because of the bread, she went to the children and give a bread to them the one that Sergeant Herrera gave to her she look from distant the Sergeant and she smiles at him. The Sergeant just scratched his head and returned to his post.

"This is for you, okay? So don't fight okay?

The little girl gets the bread from her and ran back where she is sitting. She looks around all is totally damaging their homes, their source of daily life, children are crying and the old are frightened. Their life is harder just because of the never ending war between the Arland Soldiers and Sans Serif terrorist here in Simpkins.

She walks away from the place of the explosion, she needs to breathe and think for a while, she don't want to cry in front of them and she feels, ashamed if she sees Sergeant Herrera crying again. She tries not to cry, but she can't control her tears falling down to her cheeks and this moment she thinks about their friends who has been heading here too, where are they at this moment and how is their life been going through. She back to the Place of North Simpkins and the soldiers is busy in building the tents for the temporary shelter of the people of the North Simpkins, she handed a help to the wounded and helps to cleanse their wounds and attend another medical assistant to the best she could. One of the Arland Soldier comes to her and gives some pack of food. She smiled and gave thanks to him,. She sits at the bark of the tree and starts to eat the food that she gave to her.

It's late afternoon when they had finished building the tents and the wounded are all cured, the Sergeant and the other of his men decided to go back at the camp with her, she hates to go and leave the children in this kind of situation. She wants to say goodbye to the children, but she chooses not to see them before she leaves, it's hard for her to leave them and she needs to go back at the camp with the Arland Soldiers for her safety and to have more rest and to wash up and take a bath.

She walks away to the place together with the Arland Soldiers and with Sergeant Herrera without any glimpse of the children of the North Simpkins, But before she boarded the military truck the children are chased after her, shouting her name and others are crying.

She suddenly froze and faces all the children she was crying too, and she embraces the children and she promised that she will go back tomorrow and they learned a new song and she promised to read a story for them. She finally boarded the military trucks together with the Arland soldiers and with Sergeant Herrera, she waves to say goodbye to the children, she's trying to hold her tears but just like before tears from her eyes suddenly rolled to her cheeks. She cried silently she's trying to hide it from the Arland soldiers and to Sergeant Herrera, but then Sergeant Herrera eyes staring at her.

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