Day 12 Sweethearts?

It's a beautiful Sunday morning in the Simpkins city as the Sergeant promised her the day before that they will go in the Simpkins City to go around and buy some toys for the kids,she wears a floral color powder blue dress that totally looks gorgeous in the eyes of the Sergeant and the Sergeant wears a white shirt and jeans he put shade too that makes Chyrill heart beats fast.

They went into the city just like an ordinary person. The Sergeant holds her hand as they walk along the city, maybe he cared so much about her and knowing that she is a stranger in this place. Sergeant Herrera did not let go of her hands wherever they go that Chyrill liked. They went to the toy store to buy some toys for the children of North Simpkins. Sergeant Herrera buys a big Mickey Mouse for her that she likes it most. They are like sweethearts who hides each other feelings. She smiled to the Sergeant and hugs him that surprised to the Sergeant and her, maybe she was just happy she gets feel ashamed for what she did and pretends that it was not happening.

She dragged Sergeant Herrera to the Ice cream Parlor but for now the Sergeant, don't refuse at all and she promised that she will treat him. When they are at the Ice Cream Parlor, she is like a little kid that so excited to taste an ice cream, she just chooses the cookies and cream flavor and chocolates and he let Sergeant Herrera choose the flavor he wants.

"Common Sergeant chooses the flavor you want, don't worry, this is my treat to you" She smiled sweetly at the Sergeant.

"Okay.. I choose cookies and cream too...

The salesman scoop an ice cream, they went to cashier for the payment and she insisted to pay it, but when she was on the counter, she forgot that she has no money at all because she bought fruits last time for the children and that was the only money left in her pocket. Sergeants come over her and approach her.

"Is there something wrong"?

"Ohh...a little"

"What is it?" Sergeant asks her.

"Ma'am 150 ruppee your bill" said the woman in the counter.

She wanted to melt in shame not on the woman at the counter but also on Sergeant because she had promised that she will be the one to pay for this, but what happens is just a full ashamed of herself and to the Sergeant. Sergeant Herrera notices its instantly so he picked a money on his wallet.

"Thank you, " she whispered silently.

She don't even know if she heard by the Sergeant and at that moment she is in a hurry to go outside at the Ice Cream Parlor, she stared at herself and walks back and forth talking to herself. The Sergeant follows her and he was smiling at the moment he saw Chyrill being felt ashamed of what happened at the store.

"Are you okay"? he asked to Chyrill

"Well, I think maybe.. I'm sorry about that"

"it's Okay, you don't have to be sorry"

She just smiles to the Sergeant and walks along with him, they see a fireworks display near the park of the city and they decided to watch for a while.

It’s so surprising that the Sergeant doesn’t let go of her hand and Sergeant Herrera was just looking at her who is amazed at the fireworks display that makes the Sergeant smiled to himself and he feels that his heart is pounding. Until the moment the fireworks display ended, he still holding the hand of Chyrill.

"It was beautiful, isn't it?" Chyrill said, amazed. 

"Ohh.. yes... It was beautiful. He looks at the eyes of Chyrill when he is saying those words, that makes Chyrill get blush and feel shy too.

She lost her grip on the Sergeant hand and walked away from the place, she walks along the city and the Sergeant just followed her.

"I think we need to go back at the camp, it's getting dark" the Sergeant told her

She follows the Sergeant. On the way back to the camp, she notices not too far from the place where they are standing people are in turmoil, a group of men are coming with guns handed she was stunned by what she saw. Sergeant Herrera comes to her and took her away from the crowded people.

But she sees a familiar face, she will not be mistaken that she sees their friends; she wonders why they are with those men? With guns slung on their shoulder, Did they notice her too? She looked at the Sergeant with surprise.

She ran to chase the group of men and she was sure that those men were with her friends. She called the names of their friends, but suddenly it’s disappeared from her sight. She looks around to find her friends, she was sure that she saw them. But her hopes are fading, no more sign of the group of men who was with her friends.

Suddenly she feels weak and just sat in the middle of the crowd. Sergeant Herrera approaches her and helps her to stand up and take her away from the crowd.

The Sergeant drive back to the camp, Chyrill is still in silence and looking afar she was thinking about their friends why they are with those gunmen. What is happening to them? Did they notice her? Those are the question that she keeps asking for herself.

"Why you didn't do anything"? Why you let my friends take those men? She asked Sergeant Herrera.

"I'm sorry about those little things, there is nothing I can do at that moment they are with the Sans Serif terrorist and I am protecting you from them..." 

"And you are not sure that what you see are your friends "

"Protecting me? From who? You are a soldier you should do something to save them... and I'm pretty sure they are my friends...

Sergeant Herrera just keeps quiet, he knows that Chyrill has been just upset for what had happened in the city, he will try to understand her in the best as he can be.

Chyrill went back in her room from the moment they arrived at the camp, she can't hold her tears back, she wants to go back in the city and find her friends,. The Sergeant follows her in her room and he will try to talk to her and explain everything about what had happened in the city.

"I need to talk to you in a minute." Sergeant Herrera said to her.

"No. I don't want to talk... leaves me alone. She closes the door of her room and locked it up.

Sergeant Herrera just scratches her head and walks away worrying about Chyrill.

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