Day 16 : Dinner with the Sergeant

She got up from bed and forced herself to walk out of the room, she slowly opened the door and she was dazzled by the sunlight, she walks along the hallway of the camp, from here where she was standing she saw Sergeant Herrera and his other colleagues who were busy with what they were doing and repairing the damaged due to the explosion. She walks slowly to reach to the place of Sergeant, but at that moment she feels pain from her head, she felt dizzy and her vision was fading.

She stops for a moment and leaned slightly against the wall, then she slowly sit on the floor because of the dizziness, she felt that her surroundings is spinning. She tilted her head slightly and let it rest on her knees. She feels that there is someone who is standing beside her she looked up to see the shadows reflecting on her and it was Sergeant Herrera, who is starring at her for a moment, she lifts her up and bring her back at the medic room, she tried to speak, but no words slip in her lips, she was already in bed when she opens her eyes again and being taken care by one of the military nurses.

But until of this moment she feels the arms of Sergeant Herrera, she closes her eyes and a moment she was deeply asleep. Their lips meet and kiss, she hugged him in his arms and she kissed him back too, a love is running through her vain an electric running in her body when she feels the kisses and he hugged her tightly that wrapped her body. She slowly opens her eyes; she looks around and then realized that she was still in the medic room with a bandage on her head, bruises and wounds on her arms. She bites her lips and smiled to herself and she realized that it was just a dream.

She heard the door open, she closed her eyes again and pretending that she was still asleep. A footstep coming near to her and sense that it was Sergeant Herrera. Her heart beats faster as she feels that the Sergeant is coming nearer.

“How are you? Are you feeling okay now?

She pretends she didn’t hear what the Sergeant had said.

“Common…I know you are already awake” and he gets closer to Chyrill and sit beside her.

She open her eyes and feels every move of the Sergeant and waiting for the words he would say.

“By the way I want to invite you to join me in Dinner” would you come with me?

Her eyes widened of what she heard from the Sergeant, Is it true? He is inviting me to dinner? And why he would do that?

“I see you at eight in the evening; would you like to join me? Or I need to pick you up here later?

She didn’t answer. She just keeps listening to what Sergeant Herrera says to her.

She heard the door closed and Sergeant Herrera goes out of the room. She tries to get up and sit on her bed, she inhaled heavily and somewhere she was thinking about if she would come to the invitation of the Sergeant, but how she can able to go in invitation in this kind of situation she had a bandage on her head a wound and bruises on her arms and she had to dress well and fix herself too.

She closed her eyes again and she remembered about her dream a while ago, she covered herself a blanket and secretly smiled what if her dream will happen right now?

The doors open a group of soldiers was coming in and handed sort of things she is thinking of what of those for? She was then realized that they set a table, chairs and flowers on a center table. Her heart beats faster that she realized that maybe this is for the dinner that the Sergeant saying about a while ago.

“Excuse me, what are those for?” she asked them.

“Just wait and see, Ma’am and you will be surprised.” The One soldier answered her.

She stunned at what the soldier said and her heart pounded quickly what exactly the Sergeant was planning to do to him?

She just stared at the clock and every hour that passed by she felt nervous all over her body, from time to time the soldiers come and go in her room handed with sort of thing covered by white cloth. She wanted to know what is inside of that white cloth. She looks again at the clock and the hour gets nearer for the time Sergeant Herrera set for dinner.

She approached to look at the covered with a white cloth that she was curious what are those things, she opened it slowly that make her surprised foods, a wine, bugs of flower that newly pick and she had no idea where it got she smiled and think this was all the crazy idea of Sergeant Herrera. So, then, he will come over here and have a dinner with him for tonight?

A footstep come on the way into her room, she suddenly back at her place and sits on her bed, a door opens and she saw Sergeant Herrera entering the room wearing a plain black long sleeve and a cackle colored pants he looks handsome in her eyes and she smells too the perfume that spread around the corner of the room. He smiled to her that make her heart melts.

“Hi” he greeted Chyrill

Chyrill just smiled at her and she feels that her body shuddering from the moment the Sergeant gets closer to her.

“Hi…What brought you here? She smiled nervously.

“Ohh… I guess I had invited you to have a dinner with me and supposed you can’t go out I brought here the foods so we can enjoy our meal.

“Ohh…I never thought that you will do that for me.

"Of course, I will do that” Sergeant Herrera eyes were all starting at Chyrill’s face.

She simply looked up and avoided Sergeant Eyes because she felt melting from the moment she looks in his eyes too, Sergeant Herrera held her hands and bring here at the center he offers a seat for her and uncovered the white cloth that covered the table. She can’t imagine that the Sergeant gives a time to prepare all these foods for her, for them?

“Thank you for doing this kind of….

“You don’t need to be thankful….I just wanted to do this for you because for me you are a special”. He smiled at Chyrill and give her bugs of flowers that he picked in the mountainous area of the North Simpkins.

She took the flowers and looked it well and still she wondering where Sergeant Herrera got it, then she smiled back to the Sergeant.

“Sorry, It’s not rose I was not able to buy some..”

“No problem, It's beautiful and thank you for the flowers and this food you prepared for me..for us.”

She ate dinner with the Sergeant, after the dinner the Sergeant held her hands and asked her to dance with her, she can’t speak at the moment the Sergeant get closer to her it’s like there is a magnet in Sergeant eye. She feels that he drives her crazy, she can’t even say no to the Sergeant.

She smells the Sergeant perfume and he pulls her closer to his body, she felt the Sergeant arms, she wanted to rest it for a while and she feels that she was safe in his arms. She looks up to see the Sergeant face the Sergeant then smile at her that make her shudder.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked him.

“Because I like you and I want you”.

She avoided Sergeant eyes, but they can't control what they feel right now, their lips met at this moment just like what happened in her dreams, she can’t be able to say no because she wanted it to.

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