Day 17: Unofficially Yours

The dinner last night, the dance and the kisses and the hugs of Sergeant Herrera are still fresh in her mind. She feels the butterfly in her stomach, feeling high from what’s happening last night. She bites her lips; she still felt Sergeant Herrera’s kisses and it was still pressed against her lips.She smiled and thrilled at a time. The nurse who replaces her bandage on her head notices it

“You feel happy today and you look too beautiful” the nurse teasing her.

“ Ohh..Do I look beautiful?”

The nurse just smiled at her, she feels shy and being conscious of what’s being said to her.

“You’re okay now and you can back to your room Ma’am.”

“Thank you, can I stay here for a while…

“No problem” the nurse smiled to her and walks out of the room.

She wanted to stay for a while in this room because she had a feeling that Sergeant Herrera will come over here to check her if she is okay. But, after an hour of staying in the room no sign of Sergeant Herrera come to visit or asked her about her condition, she started to get sad this feeling that she don’t even more cared about before.

A series of knocks that startled her, she feels nervous and her heart beats fast she stands up and approached the door to open, her smile faded as she see it’s not Sergeant Herrera who went to her.

“Good day, Ma’am Sergeant Herrera send me here to accompany you and to sure that you will be safe going back to your room.” The soldier said to her.

“’s okay, I will be fine. Well, actually I’m on my way going back to my room”. I will be fine..She smiled hesitantly.

“But, the Sergeant order me to keep you safe going back to your room”.

“I said I am Fine. Okay? My room is just on the other of this building, I will be okay…I will be fine..”

She walks alone in the way of her room what are these crazy ideas of Sergeant Herrera he is over reacting well, as just like the other days she’s staying here he did not neglect her. Is he too concerned for me? After that had happened last night he will not just show up. That guy is too unpredictable she can’t believe it.

She quickly walks  back to her room, one of Sergeant Herrera’s men followed her, and she didn’t care even if it chased after her. She finally reaches her room and she took a glance to the soldier who following her.

“ I’m here..see I am safe nothings happen to me, can you leave me now?”

“Okay, Ma’am. Stay safe.

She opens the door and gets inside the room, she leans on the back door and close her eyes, she still smiling and feeling high until of this moment. She jumps over her bed just like a little kid who is too happy, she also whispered in her bed and was a little twisted.

She looked around inside and  she noticed that  her belongings scattered on the floor, she picked it up one by one, and packed it again, she sat quietly and get sad thinking that she will be leaving the Arland Camp and she hates to leave Sergeant Herrera she was falling in love with the Sergeant.

After an hour she takes a shower and wear a dress she sprays a perfume too, and put powder and a bit lipstick, she wanted to look beautiful in Sergeant Herrera eyes. She decided to stay inside her room and waiting Sergeant Herrera to visit her, she glances at the mirror to see her own reflection and she rubs her lips to erase the lipstick that she put on. She doesn’t need to do this it’s okay to be simple.

She heard a knock on  her room that makes her heart beat fast she feels that it’s Sergeant. She gazes at the mirror first to see her own reflection and slowly opens the door, her heart pounding when she sees Sergeant Herrera is in the front of the door.

“Ohh..Hi” she greeted the Sergeant.

“Good Morning, hope you feel good”

“Yes, I am. She answered hesitantly.

“Why are you so timid? Common you don’t have too, it’s just because of the kiss? I’m sorry about that? I cannot control my feeling last night.

She froze a moment from what have said of Sergeant Herrera, Was it all nothing to him? About the kisses and hugs, what about the dinner? Those are the words that she wanted to say. But she has no guts to say it. She just keeps silence and keeps listening to what Sergeant said to her.

She keeps in silence and sat on the bed, she exhales heavily and take a look at her belongings that are already packed.

“I will leave tomorrow, ” she said to Sergeant Herrera.

“Are you sure of that”?

She just nods and trying to keep away to the Sergeant her teary eyes that can be noticed by him, she just wanted to hear the words that he will stop her from leaving and let him stay for a while.

He just breath heavily, he wanted to stop Chyrill from leaving, but he has no right to do that, she has the right to decide for herself. He wanted to move closer to Chyrill and kiss her again just like happened last night.

“Okay, if that's what you wanted, I can’t stop you from leaving”.


The Sergeant walks away from her room and Chyrill left alone sobbing, trying to hold her tears, so all that happening last night was not real? The feelings he said to her and those kisses are just for nothing. She slammed the door and trying to calm herself. She faced again her belongings and packed it again, she is now too sure to leave the Arland Camp there is no place to the woman like her in this Camp. Suddenly, an explosion happened last night was coming back to her mind, she rattled a moment and she covers her ears, she felt that she still hears the massive explosion. She lay down on her bed and take a rest for a moment.

It was late afternoon when she got up. She decided to go on the mound of her friends she can’t be with them for a long time and for the whole life she wanted to say goodbye to them for the last time. She put flowers on each mound and talks to them silently. There are times she will laugh and cry remembering those moments when they had each other.

It was dark when she goes back at the Arland Camp, away to her room, she saw a shadow standing in the front door of her room, she slowly walks by and as she gets nearer she noticed that it was Sergeant Herrera that seems waiting for her.

“What are you doing here”?

The Sergeant grabs her and tightly holds her. 

“Stay. I need you here.” He whispered silently to Chyrill.

Chyrill just nods and cried at Sergeant Herrera’s shoulder, this is the word she wanted to hear from him.

They can’t control their feelings the overflowing of love explode, they kiss again under the darkened skies and stars.

Day 18 : A Surprise Proposal

Chyrill decided to stay for more days at the Arland Camp she wanted to spend more time with the Sergeant she is now in love with that guy’s day with him is a memorable from the time she arrived at this Camp he always there for her, saving her life twice and he shows how caring he was. She felt like she was still dreaming from the kisses, the way she kiss by the Sergeant makes her thrilled.

She feels bored staying inside of this room; she took a shower and fixes herself, she wears her yellow dress that makes her beauty stand out. She looks around before she goes out of the room, she walked towards Sergeant Herrera’s office and as she walked down the hallway every soldier she met she was given a red and white rose. She was very surprised, she wondered if Sergeant Herrera was planning this. 

Until she could no longer handle the roses given to her, she stopped walking and looked around, she observes the people around her, but there is nothing strange all are busy with what they are doing and they no longer notice her she just wondered about why the roses that was given to her. A lady soldier come into her and invites to come with her at the Soldiers launch, a place that is forbidden to a civilian like her and only the soldiers can enter that place. She hesitated and wondered why she was invited to enter that Place.

“No. I’m okay here..I just look around and need some fresh air”. She smiled to the Lady Soldier.

“I insist. You belong here…I guess… The Lady soldier said.

“But, Why? She asked in surprise.

“I just want to show you around; any way you wanted to look around so it is your chance to see it, right?” The lady soldier is trying to convince her.

“Are you sure?” She asked again.

The Lady soldier just nods at her and still wondering why it suddenly came to her in fact, with the number of them only few she is known here and that is the soldiers often commanded by Sergeant Herrera. She convinces by the lady soldier and she comes to her at the Soldier launch. In a way, for the Soldier launch she had a feel strange feeling; she feels that there is something different that will happen. She wanted to ask the soldier why suddenly she invited her to come with her, but, then, she just keeps quiet and follow the way of the lady soldier.

“What is your name? “She asked the lady soldier.

“ I’m Amanda”. Amanda smiled at her. But you can call me Mandy see we can be friends. After all I have seen you here for so long.

She just nods and smiles too.

“Oh..I guess you know me?”

“Well, yes and I think Sergeant Herrera is in love with you. Amanda smiles again to her.

Her cheeks get redder from what Amanda says to her, how she can say that they are deeply in love with each other, is she would tell about the dinner and the kisses? She hides her smile  and follows Amanda on the way at the Soldier launch.

Amanda stops for a while and look at her.

“ Are you ready to see everything what is inside of the Soldier launch?”

“ I guess so, but I think there’s no special on it, It just like a meeting hall..I guess.”

“Well, get ready for what you will see”.

Okay.” She feels nervous when Amanda opens the door. Something strange in Amanda’s movement, she doesn’t know, but she has a feeling that there is something to happen.

Amanda holds her hand, it was darker and  music plays when they entered the Soldier launch and after a moment a little light sparkling inside the room it was like the stars that twinkling in the night sky.

“What is all about? She asked Amanda.

Amanda whispers at her and she gets shocked and feeling nervous right now, she is right to her feeling a while ago that there is something will happen. Amanda leaves her in the middle as she heard the music playing and the little lights gets bigger like an explosion or something like a fireworks.

“Amanda” she called to the Lady Soldier. Don’t leave me here.

But no sign of Amanda is coming, she  just stands in the middle and waiting for what will happen next. The music stops that makes her rattled.

“Is anybody here? Don’t play a game with me okay”

She gets  rattled and afraid when there is someone holding her hand. She feels that it's holding her tight, after of that moment she recognize who is holding her; it was Sergeant Herrera who gets close to her. The Sergeant touches her face and kisses her hand.

“What  are you doing?” she asked the Sergeant while the tears running from her eyes.

The Sergeant holds her hand, and put it on his shoulder, Sergeant Herrera holds her waist and the music starts to play again.

“I just wanted to have a dance with you” The Sergeant touches her face again and wipes her tears.

“I don’t want to make you cry” the Sergeant pulls her closer and let her rest on his shoulder.

“What about the roses?” is that your idea too?

“Yeah, crazy idea…Because I’m crazy in love with you.”

The lights are on and she saw there was full of white and red roses inside the Soldier launch. She was surprised and she didn’t expect that  the Sergeant does those things for her, her tears rolled  because of the happy feeling and being surprised what had done by the Sergeant.

The Sergeant pulls her closer and gives her another buffet of red roses. She wipes her tears and gets the buffet of roses, this man can’t make her stop from crying because of the crazy things he done for her. She gets more surprise and shy too when she notices that there are soldiers too at the Soldier launch they are all cheering for Sergeant Herrera, she heard a whistle too and shouting to kiss her by the Sergeant. She got to smile at this time wondering that they are in the wedding.

“ I want to ask you something”? The Sergeant said to her that makes her heart beat faster.

“What is it?” she nervously asked the Sergeant.

“Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

She laughs loud, after all the kisses last night he still want the answer or maybe he didn’t get it. She nods to the Sergeant and smile at him.

All the Soldiers cheers for both of them and it seems that they are celebrating the happiness of them both.

They spent their time on the Soldier launch having lunch and drinking wine with the other soldier, after of that moment they walk along the camp and went to the North Simpkins Place to visit the children.

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