Day 19 : The Attack

Chyrill gets awake from the explosion and gunfire that she heard around the camp, she suddenly gets up from the bed and sneak in the window of her room, she feels afraid when she saw the explosion and a series of gun shots given back by the soldiers in the group of terrorist her heart beats faster and it recalls again the night when an explosion happened before, she rattled and cover herself a blanket and put the pillow on her head because of being feel afraid. 

She heard the door opening and somebody gets inside and walks towards her, she was totally afraid when she heard the footstep approaching her. She was even more afraid and shouted out loud when she feels the hands holding her arm. She covered her mouth to stop her from shouting. She just calmed down when she saw that Sergeant Herrera was in front of him. She hugged him tightly and just cried.

“It’s me, don’t be afraid..I am here now.

“I’m afraid. She cried to the Sergeant.

“Don’t be. I am here, but I need to get you out here. I will take you to the safe place.”

She just nods to the Sergeant and hold his hand when they goes outside of the room, She wants to stay beside Sergeant Herrera but the things between the Arland Soldiers and the San Serif terrorist is getting worse she wanted to get out the Simpkins together with the Sergeant and spend together with no more war, explosion and gun shots she heard.

When they go out into her room, heading outside of the camp Sergeant Herrera immediately took her to get in the military truck. The Sergeant hugs her tightly and kissed her on the forehead and wipes her tears.

“I want you to be safe, okay? I promise I’ll be back to you.”

No words slip in her lips, she just nods and cried in every word that the Sergeant says to her, she has no idea where she will take the Military truck together with the other soldier, maybe at the North Simpkins Place she hopes so, all that she wants now is to end this war between the Arland Soldiers and The Sans Serif terrorist. On the way out of the Arland camp a group of Sans Serif terrorist block the military truck on where she is riding the Arland Soldiers quickly fired the Sans Serif terrorist and the soldiers surrounded the military truck to protect her. Several soldiers are wounded and the other Sans Serif terrorists are left lifeless, the soldier drives the military truck away from the place of war.

She witnessed the war between the Sans Serifs terrorists and the Arland soldiers, many questions in her mind that she is seeking for the answer, when this war will be ended between the terrorist and soldiers?

She is too worried about Sergeant Herrera what if something wrong will happen to him. She wants to jump out the truck to go back at the camp to follow Sergeant Herrera, but, then, all that she can do now is to wait for him and trust him. She has no idea where she will take by the soldiers.

They had to travel away from the Arland camp, how far is it to the place they were going? She is no longer to take another more hour sitting; without asking for anyone else, she asked the one of the soldiers sitting in her front he looks in pain from the shots that he gained from the gun fire.

“How long we will travel?” She asked.

“Not too long just wait for another thirty minutes Ma’am.” The soldier answered her, he got a shot on his legs and Chyrill can see in his face the pain that he endures.

She nods and gets nearer to him and she gets the medical kit to apply him the first aid. She backs on her sit and she looks outside, she had no other to see, but the trees and the woodland. She feels sleepy because of the cold smell of air, she then, suddenly close her eyes until she falls asleep.

She awakes when she feels that the military truck suddenly stops at the moment and she has noticed that she was the only one inside left behind, she gets up quickly and she go down in the truck. She gets a surprise when she sees the place it was totally amazing and enchanted. From afar she sees the other people in this place she walks fast to go with them, the sounds of the noise is too familiar to her, the laughter of the children and she listened to the songs that she taught to them. She will not be wrong of that thing, maybe they are the people of North Simpkins she in a hurry to go to them her tears fall when she sees the familiar people of the North Simpkins. She cried and laughs too when she confirmed that it was them.

“Children, she called them with tears.

The children ran coming into her and she hugs them, they were all smiling as they see her. The people of the North Simpkins are happy to see her here, this is the place they were hiding when there is a war between the terrorist and the soldiers, she wondered how they get in here it was yesterday when she was able to visit them together with Sergeant Herrera.

“I’m glad you are safe”. One of the women of Simpkins knows the English language approaches her.

“I am happy too, to see you all here.” She smiles too to the woman of North Simpkins who been so kind to her.

All day she looks from afar thinking about what is happening to Sergeant Herrera, she thinks always about him, she wanted to know what is happening to him, if he is okay? How long the war will it be?

She took a deep breath and walks along the way of the woody place she hopes that she will see the Sergeant here but she knows it will never be happen. She feels worried and misses him badly she just hoping that the war will be ended soon.

It gets dark, she doesn’t even know for how long she will stay here at the woody place sitting and doing nothing, waiting for the Sergeant that she knows that there’s no Sergeant Herrera come.

One of the soldiers came into her with a blanket and gives it to her.

“Here, Ma’am its getting cold you will be getting sick. The Sergeant, don’t want you to get sick and he asks me a favor to take care of you.

“Thank you, I just wonder about him and I feel so worried”.

“No, you shouldn’t be. He is brave and he will be back to you just like his promise to you. Okay? So, you better take a sleep.

She smiles and gets up from her seat; she follows the soldier back to the place where they are hiding.

She gets inside in her tent to take a rest and hoping that tomorrow Sergeant will come and they will spend the time together.

Day 20 : In his loving arms

She gets awake because of the car engine noise that she hears; she immediately gets up even though she still feels sleepy hoping that it is Sergeant Herrera comes back from the war against the Sans Serif Terrorist. She went out of the tent to see who was riding in the military truck she hoped was with Sergeant Herrera.

She dazzled from the light of the head truck that is why she couldn’t recognize the faces of the soldiers who got off from the military truck. She ran closer when she saw Sergeant Herrera getting off the military truck; she couldn’t stop the joy she was feeling she burst into tears. She suddenly hugs the Sergeant tightly a feeling of missing him for so long, she didn’t want to let go of from Sergeant Arms.

The Sergeant wipes her tears and kisses her right now, his kiss is aggressive and passionate, she feels that the Sergeant kiss is full of love. She opens her eyes and finds herself lying down in her bed, she suddenly gets up from the bed and she hurries to go outside. Is that only a dream Sergeant Herrera is here she knew it.

She looks around and she looks one by one to the trucks hoping that Sergeant Herrera was there, but no trace of the Sergeant the one she love is nowhere, she tried to ask his colleagues if there is something happens to him, but, they just shocked their head and walks away. She left alone thinking, there is so much in her head right now. Does he forget he promised? Does there something bad happened to him? Is he okay? Where is he? Did he just walk away from her or maybe Sergeant Herrera doesn’t love him.

A soldier comes over to take her in the tent to get rest, but she refused to come with him and walks away, away from this place, on this moment she wanted to be alone, she doesn’t want to cry, she is trying to be brave, maybe he is not here right now but soon, maybe tomorrow Sergeant will be here with her.

She walks in the woods place and she doesn’t care the cold of the wind that enveloped her body, she suddenly stops to walk and sit at the bark of the tree she breathed deeply and trying to calm herself she keeps wondering what was happening to the Sergeant, he promised that he will come back. Her tears suddenly fall. There are so many questions in her mind, nobody tells about what had happened to him? Are they keeping this as their secrets.

She hears footsteps and later she clear her throats before she starts to speak.


She turned around suddenly to find out who that person was; she got surprised when it was Amanda a lady soldier she met from the camp a few days ago when Sergeant Herrera proposed to her to be his girlfriend. She wipes her tears and tries to smile to Amanda.

Amanda sits beside her and she looks a far before she speaks a word.

“What are you doing here? It’s cold here…Don’t you feel cold”.

She just looks at Amanda and shook her head.

“I do, but I need to be alone and go to the place like this”

“I know what you feel right now. Our job is not that easy just, like what other thinks, we need to sacrifice our lives for the sake of others…We need to forget everything and our love ones once we are in the mission.”

“Even the promises, isn’t it?”

She started to cry again trying to be calm, she don’t even know what she feels right now, She knows it hurts him, she doesn’t want to hold it back because that’s really hurt her a lot.

“Can you tell me what happen to him?

Amanda hugs her trying to comfort her; she let her tears flow, reduce the hurt and pain she feels. She could not explain the pain she felt right now her heart seems like to explode because of the pain, she wanted to see the Sergeant that she loved she wanted to know what had happened to him? 

Until the sun came up and she was left alone, staring into the distance, hoping Sergeant Herrera would come and from here in her seat she saw a military truck approaching, she suddenly stood up and her heart beats fast she is hoping that Sergeant Herrera was there. And he will run coming into her and from that moment she could feel again, his kiss and she can hug him tightly.

But her hopes suddenly disappear without Sergeant Herrera appearing to her, the military trucks loaded the wounded soldiers who fought against the Sans Serif terrorist. She saw the commander got off the truck, so then, she quickly approached the Commander and she wanted to ask what had happened to Sergeant Herrera.

“Excuse me commander”

The commander looks at her with a tiring eye, and he knows what she wanted to ask of him.

“Yes, Ms. Chyrill?” The commander answered her.

“You know why I am coming to you right now”

The commander just breath heavily and trying to stay away from her.

“I just wanted to know what happened to him”. Is that too difficult for you to answer me?

Her eyes beg the commander to answer all what that really happened to Sergeant Herrera where is he now? Is he still alive? The questions that running in her minds wanting an answer. The commander tried to avoid looking at her as he could not tell Chyrill that Sergeant Herrera was gone.

“Look Ms. Chyrill, I can’t answer all your questions right now, We don’t consider about what you are feeling right now. Look what is important right now is the safety of everyone, the safety of my men who fought against the terrorist.”

“What about him? You don’t care anymore? You don’t care if something happens to him? Have you thought about his safety? For once have you think that if he is still alive? Have you thought that he needed you to take away from this endless war? Do you care about him Commander?”

The commander just breath heavily and walks away from her, but Chyrill follow the commander, she will not stop until she finds out what really happened to Sergeant Herrera. The commander stops for a moment and face her. His breath is heavily before he speaks and try the best he could that Chyrill will never get shocked with the news about Sergeant Herrera.

“Listen, Chyrill the man that you love is nowhere to found”.

“What do you mean?” She covered her mouth and her whole body was cold and shivering.

“My soldiers search him for a long day and there’s no way to find him”.

“What do you mean? Are you going to stop in searching him?”

“Yes….And I have made my decision, I’m sorry”.

“No….You can’t do this”.

“I’m sorry Ms. Chyrill, but you need to accept he is gone”.

“No…Until I didn’t see his body, I won’t believe you”.

“How? Ms. Chyrill you need to accept it. That’s the life of a soldier we sacrifice ourselves in the lives of others. We are just remember, but never back our life and be with our love ones.

She was like a burning candle and suddenly weakened; she just sat on the ground and sobbed crying. She has lost many of her friends and she is far from her family and if she still loses the man she loves, she may not able to cope what is happening right now.

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