Day 22 Southern Arland Camp

Before the dawn breaks into morning the commander decided to leave the woody place, their journey is still quite long it takes about an hour to reach the other side of the woods where there are military trucks waiting to take them in the South camp of the Arland soldiers. Together with the Arland soldiers they need to walk to get out of the woods. She keeps on walking following the soldiers even though her feet hurt, she still tried to step on it, and she doesn’t want to cause problems to the soldiers.

The sun rises until they reach the high part of the woods from here they can see the downtown city of the North Simpkins. From here where she stands she witnessed the tragic incident and the damage left by the Sans Serif terrorist. They keep on moving, and more careful that maybe the terrorist will come to attack them. She feels thirsty and tired, she sits for a while and Amanda notices her.

Amanda gets water on her bag and gives it to her.

“Here, take it.”

She looks at Amanda and gets the water container and drinks it.

(gulp) .. Thanks, can we rest for a while she asked to Amanda.

Amanda sights and sits beside here

“I wish too, but we need to move to get out of this wood before lunch. The military trucks are waiting us; we are heading to the south that’s the order of the Commander.”

“Get up… we need to move now.” Amanda told her.

Chyrill gets up from her seat quickly and follows all the Arland soldiers. She has no right to complain, but to follow them.

They keep on walking headed to the south, she wants to give up because her feet hurt and tired, she also feels hungry because she has not eaten since that night. After a while they can see already the opening of the woods and there they can see the military trucks waiting for them. The Arland soldiers are being so observant in the surrounding and they are hurrying to get inside the military truck when everything is clear they drive heading to the south Arland camp. Their journey to the south of the Arland camp was peaceful the whole city was quietly that once before lively with the crowd, they also passed the place where they watched the fireworks of Sergeant Herrera, she remembered all the happiness happening in this city and the day she sees her friends alive together with the Sans Serif terrorist.

The city was quiet now, people are hiding in their homes, and you can see they are frightened when they see the military truck passed by; no place to buy foods, everywhere was bombed out. On the way to the South camp from afar they can see the North Arland soldiers’ camp, the whole camp has been covered by the Sans Serif terrorist and she wonders if Sergeant was being captive by terrorist and captured by the terrorist.


His hands are handcuff he got bruises on her face, his arms are barely burned because of the explosion and his head is bleeding because of the blows given by the Sans Serif terrorist. He was taken and dragged towards the jail, his vision was fading, he tried to get up and fight with the Sans Serif terrorist, but all his strength was carried away from the time he was captured and tortured. He heard the Sans Serif terrorist are laughing at him and chattering with one another, he can understand a few words and tried to get up on his feet.

“ha…ha…ha… Ne pokonsavaj se boritis bratom, sada nista ne mozes viviniti”… (Don’t try to fight brother there’s nothing you can do) 

The terrorist kicks him before they locked the jail. He was left alone feeling lifeless and enduring all the pains, wounds and bruises he got from the terrorist. He crawled to get into a small bed that made of woods; he let himself to rest and wipes all the bloods on his face with his army uniform. He sits and takes off the remaining clothes and tear it and make a bandage on his head to stop the bleeding, he rests his head on the wall and look around.

He luckily sees the water container left by one of the terrorists; he grabs it instantly and drink the water in the container. He close his eyes and rest, he knows that he is in the North Arland camp. The whole camp was captured by them, he must think now of how he will get escape from the hands of terrorist or rather to pass a message to the commander, he knows that Chyrill is looking for him and worried about him, he was not able to fulfill his promise to her, but right now he will sure that he will come back to her alive.


They were still riding in a military truck heading to the South Arland camp together with the commander and the other. She suddenly holds the dog tag that she made as her necklace pendant and that at that moment Sergeant Herrera comes into her mind, she looks in the direction of the North Camp, she feels that the man he loves is in danger even though he was at that camp his life is still in danger he was all alone fighting against the terrorist. Amanda looks at her trying to say that everything will be okay.

The whole place is quiet and peaceful the Arland soldiers suspected that there is something that the terrorist are planning for. It could be an ambush or a massive explosion. The commander decided to walk again, they will pass through the secret tunnel going to the South Arland camp, the soldiers unload all their weapons and they headed at the secret tunnel going through to the Southern camp. They left the military trucks empty and burned it all. They passed into the river before they will pass to the secret tunnel on the way to South camp of the Arland soldiers.

The tunnel is a bit crowded and a bit dark; the soldier’s flashlight needs to be turned on so they can see where they are going. Again she needs to follow all the soldiers and keep her eye on them, after a half hour of walking they can see now the opening of the tunnel and the camp of the South Arland soldier’s everyone is good and nobody gets harmed, they see their comrades the gate of the camp opens wide for them to get inside.

She looks around the camp, she was amazed by what she sees its different from the North Arland camp it is surrounded by glass that made of bullet troop and tinted glass, equipment and technology are more modern. When they get inside the commander went into the control unit room the wounded brings at the medic room and others grab their gear expecting the battle against the Sans Serif terrorist and follow the commander in the control unit room. Amanda takes her in the room to get her rest, Amanda knows that she was already drained and tried for so long hours of walking and no food to be eaten for almost a day.

“ You take a rest, I know you need it, We will take care everything and I will make sure that Sergeant will be good and saved from the terrorist… Okay?”

She suddenly hugs Amanda because of the happiness she feels right now, she will trust Amanda and the Arland soldiers that they will bring back the man that she love alive.

Amanda goes outside the room and come to the others to help the commander planning on how they suppressed the group of terrorists. She left alone in the room, she sits on the bed and holds the dog tag of Sergeant Herrera, she let herself to rest and she tried to think that everything will be alright; a moment later she falls asleep she can’t no longer cope with the drowsiness and fatigue she was feeling. She deeply asleep holds the dog tag that she made as her necklace pendant.

AT the control unit room

They received a signal from a device they suspected that it was coming from the device of Sergeant Herrera the signal is on and off that is why they have a difficulty to locate the true direction from where it came. A moment later the signal device continuously turns on that is why they detect where the signal was coming from.

“Bingo.” Said by one of the soldiers who locating the direction of the device.

The commander suddenly comes on to the soldier who locating the direction of the device and he immediately commands his troop to prepare for the invasion and to rescue Sergeant Herrera from the hands of the Sans Serif terrorists and the other who has captive.


He sits on the bed, he feels a relief because he was able to send a message to the commander and to the South camp of the Arland Soldiers. Then, at once, all the happening from the night of the explosion comes into his mind.

“Move….move…. re treat…” he shouted to his troop they can be able to fight back to the group of the Sans Serif terrorist many of his men are injured and they can’t be able to asked for the backup from the other group of soldiers they move headed to the other place to take the others in the safest place, the commander and his troop was went to the other side to cover and tried to keep the camp. But everything was in chaos he and the other was trapped in the explosion a massive explosion that happens here inside the North Arland camp.

He was able to survive the blast and he witnessed the terror happens to them and how their other colleagues died in the massive explosion. But at that moment someone hit him on his head and he lost consciousness. He awake with a handcuff on his hands and has bloods on his head running on his face, until of this moment he is in the jail caught and captive by the Sans Serif terrorist..(pause)

At the Southern Arland Camp

Chyrill gets awake feeling hungry she goes out of the room to find something to eat; she did not know where she will get food. She enters to the room that is barely open she gets surprised when she sees the commander and his troop. She hides at the back of the room to listen to what they are up to.

Her heart beats fast when she heard what they are talking about, is it true that Sergeant Herrera is still alive? And they are planning to rescue him and the other who has captivated by the terrorist. She wanted to show herself to them and asked when and how they save the man that she loves. She can’t no longer stand here doing nothing she slowly opened the door at that moment; the commander is surprised to see her. She wants an answer what happen to Sergeant Herrera, she wanted to come with them to see the Sergeant and wanted to be sure that he is still alive.

Day 23 Abubakar Salem Ale

The rattle of the iron door that echoed in his ears gets him awake, he got up when he saw the two terrorists coming after him, at that moment he dragged him out of his jail and put him a handcuff. He almost fell because of the weakness of his body for almost days he has not eaten. The gun was aimed at his back as they walked, he has no idea where he will take him.

A way out of his jail looks familiar to him, he was not wrong that he is in their camp he hopes that the commander and the Southern Arland camp will able to received his messages. At this moment he is so sure that the commander and the troops are in the Southern camp.

Move... Move...the terrorist say to him as he stops walking when they pass through at Chyrill's room it was open wide, he remembers the days when Chyrill was locked in that room and the kiss he sneaks from her when they are both standing at the front door.

"I said move." he was beaten on his legs and almost knelt down because of too much force of beathing.

"V sto gledas? Soba za boravak? huh? (What are you looking at? A room to stay huh?) 

He keeps walking and did not bear the body pain he feels, all that he wanted for now is to back alive to her love. When they got out of the hall the sunlight hit him and he was a little dazzled his eyes were adjusting to the light. He has seen the terror that made by the terrorists, the camp is totally in a blast and all are burned out. He got an idea that he will be taken, to the control room unit. His fists clenched because of the anger he felt he wanted to get rid of but he could do nothing but to follow those goddamn terrorists. 

When they reach the control room unit one of the terrorist unlocked the handcuffs and he pushes him and gets inside of the room. There is a man standing in the front of the monitor of the control room unit he is a little bit old, his white hair can guess that he was in the midst fifties, he is tall, wearing a black suit and white pants. He lit his cigarette  before he faces Sergeant Herrera, the Sergeant knows this man he is the one they are looking for so long ABUBAKAR SALEM ALE the founder and leader of Sans Serif terrorists.

"How are you?"...... Sergeant Herrera, I heard that you are very not refuse in any fight. He smiled at the Sergeant face like fooling him.

His anger grew  even more when he saw this man who is responsible in all the death of the innocent people, including Chyrill friends and even a blast he made in the whole camp of the Arland Soldiers.

"Have a sit Sergeant." Abubakar Salem Ale offered a seat to him. He just looks and ignored Abubakar Salem Ale, he remained standing and waiting for the next things it would say to him. Abubakar Salem Ale moves close to him trying to figure out and finding more about the Sergeant, he wants to test how good he was or is he more braver enough just like what he heard about the Sergeant.

He aimed the M45 gun to the face of Sergeant Herrera he pulled the trigger of the gun, but the Sergeant did not budge, he just kept looking at him waiting if he could shoot him in his front.

"Ha.. Ha.. Ha... Your brave enough... Abubakar Salem Ale laughs loud at him.

" What do you want? " Sergeant Herrera asked to Abubakar Salem Ale.

" Simple... I want you to say to your commander and to the President to leave the Simpkins and go back to your place where are you belong.... Go back at Western Place that is your place not here... This place is mine.

" I'm sorry to tell you, I can't do what you want, we are here to keep peace from the terror and chaos you made of." Sergeant Herrera says to Abubakar Salem Ale full of courage. 

"I will not allow it the Northern and Southern Simpkins are mine." Abubakar Salem Ale says with so much anger in his face. 

The two terrorists dragged him in the front of the monitor of the control room unit, they force him to sit and face to the monitor. 

" Now tell then, I want all of you to leave the Simpkins or otherwise I will shoot you here.. Common the camera is on."  Abubakar Salem Ale told him. "

One of his men opens the monitor and signal connecting the video to the Southern Arland camp. He wanted to refuse, but he could do nothing but to follow them if he wanted to stay alive. The M45 gun pointed at him as he spoke in the front of the monitor and the camera. 


The door of the commander room opens wide suddenly. 

"Commander, we need you here." said y one of the soldiers who is in charge in the control room unit, the commander immediately stands on his seat and leaves his breakfast at that time. He walks in the way of the control room unit to know what is all about. 

All of the soldiers inside including Chyrill was got shocked from what they saw at the monitor of the control room unit. It was Sergeant Herrera who is in the monitor delivering the messages of the Sans Serif terrorists from the leader Abubakar Salem Ale, there's a gun pointed on his head, meaning that, if he was not able to do so what they wanted he will shoot him in the front 9f the commander and the other.

"I would like to asks a favor to our Commander, he started to speak, his eyes are dull and there's a blood on his head running to his face the bandage was removed on his forehead. 

"in the name of the leader of the Sans Serif Abubakar Salem Ale, he wants the Arland soldiers leave the Northern and Southern Simpkins let him allow to rule this place, in return ten of my colleagues will set him free from the captive". He only gives forty eight hours to leave the Simpkins". 

The monitor gets block out after he delivered the messages to the commander. 

The commander went back to his room, he has sonethi g to do about that, he is sure that Abubakar Salem Ale is serious of what he aimed and wanted for. He needs to contact immediately the Secretary of defense or rather the 0resident itself. 

Chyrill left alone, she froze a moment she doesn't even know what us really happening, she is thankful that Sergeant Herrera is still alive but, then, she us worried about the situation of Sergeant Herrera she thinks at this moment he is feeling helpless and endures the pain. 


"Very good my brother, that's good.... You have my word". Abubakar Salem Ale said to Sergeant Herrera. 

"Hmmm.... Ha....ha...ha Sergeant laughs at him. 

" Don't trust too much.... Who knows that I can escape right now.... And I make sure that I will cut your neck and left you all lifeless and I will make sure that you are all dead.... "

Abubakar Salem Ale aimed his gun to him. 

"Common shoot me, I am not afraid to die"... Sergeant Herrera says to Abubakas Salem Ale. 

One of the terrorists hit him in his head and beats his legs, he suddenly knelt down and his head is bleeding, he tried to fight back but he has no power to give a punch and at that moment he lost consciousness. 

He dragged him back to the jail and the terrorists make it sure that he will not getting escape. They tie his hands and left alone in the detention center. The other soldiers who are in the other side, trying to wake him up, but, he lost consciousness and his head is bleeding. 

"Sergeant....Sergeant...called by one of the soldier who captive too by the terrorists, he used to throw the piece of iron at Sergeant jail to make him awake. 

He slowly opened his eyes as he heard the rattle of Iron hit on the ground. He smiles when he sees one of the Staff Sergeant who was captured just like him, he is still thankful that they are both alive. He tried to get up on his feet and loosen the bondage in his hands. He took the small knife that was placed in the sole of his shoe. He lean in the wall to loosen the bondage that tied up on his hands. 


The Staff Sergeant used a small pin to unlocked the door of his jail, he went to Sergeant Herrera detention center and unlock the door with the used of a small pin. 

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