The Plan

He came out of Chyrill house with a heavy heart he felt sorry for her condition and the pain she was going through now, he wanted to say that the man she loved was alive.

Chyrill just looked at him walks away from the Place of North Simpkins, her back to the farm to help to harvest the crops and vegetables that will sell to the market today.

Marvin Williams gets inside of his car, he sight and take a glance at Chyrill again, then he turned his gaze to Sergeant Herrera sitting at the back of his car.

"Did you see how is her life now?"

He just sight and just looking at Chyrill l, from here in the car window he wanted to get off the car to come to Chyrill and take her with him. But this is not the right time to show himself to her, maybe he is planning a crazy idea, but this is he, think that he can back Chyrill again in his life.

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