The man behind the Mask

She was surprised when she sees Amanda waiting at the front door of her room. She was confused about everything that is happening. Why Amanda is here? Is she the one who entered in her room last night? Does she know Marvin Williams? How come? Those are the questions that running in her mind right now.

Her steps were heavy approaching Amanda her eyes has so much to ask of all the happening from the night she was being abducted by the men who wearing masks and black suits.

"Amanda?" Her voice was sad when she called Amanda. Amanda just looks at her with a saddened look and she holds Chyrill hands when it approached her.

"What is it all about? What are you doing here?"

She just hugged Chyrill and apologised of everything that she has done to her, she felt guilt that she agreed to conspire with Sergeant Herrera and the Commander.


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