Chapter 50 (The Last Chapter)


I tightened my arms around my wife who stirred in her sleep as she got another nightmare.

It’s been the case since we finished the war. She’s been too shaken up about it to even speak of what happened, but I could easily read her mind and see what she saw.

The visions that were in front of her made her feel like everything she chose to believe in as she grew up was a lie. The fact that she had sent Lorenzo to kill her father didn’t go unknown or unspoken of, which made their already broken relationship hit an all time low this time. The queen refused to look at Kiara, even when she learned of her daughter’s pregnancy, the queen had refused to come and be by her side.

Now my wife was in her last month. It’s been three months since we found out of the pregnancy, and with her carrying a hybrid child inside her, the pregnancy was a lot faster than most. But that only meant consequence…

With my wife’s we

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