The Hybrid King
The Hybrid King
Author: Crystal L


It’s been years since anyone has seen or heard of the hybrid king that they began to believe that he had lost hope in the girl being born.

King Leonardo and his wife, Queen Annalise had made sure to be careful about who entered the palace and who didn’t, making sure to hide their daughter from all eyes, in fear that the hybrid might hear of her being born.

The beautiful princess grew as years went by, and she grew more curious with every passing day, she wanted to learn what was beyond these palace walls, why she was never allowed to go out to the palace garden unescorted when it was simply their home, but of course she got no answer, no one would even look at her to explain what was going on, why they were hiding her, and what they were hiding her from, not that she expected them to anyway, she was far used to being ignored by her family by now.

“One day, I will learn what is beyond these walls, and when that day comes, no one is going to stop me” the eighteen-year-old said looking out the window, her eyes looking at the city lights which shone from her window.

“How about I be the one to show you?” A familiar deep male’s voice asked her, his voice making goosebumps rise all over her body, she had only heard his voice in her dreams, she often thought that she was imagining it, maybe she was, as whenever she looked back to find out where the sound came from, there was no one in her chamber, but her veranda’s door was always open after it happened.

This time however she found a note on her bed, she frowned in confusion as she looked around the room wanting to know where the note had come from, her maids were out the door and no one had knocked the door or entered, which only seemed to worry her more.

Putting the note under the pillow and walking to the door, she knocked it twice, her maid, Emily, opened the door, her eyes looking at the princess with worry as she was awake at this time in the first place, but the princess couldn’t bring herself to sleep.

“Emily, has anyone entered my chamber?” The princess asked slowly, the maid frowned, her brown eyes scanning the room as she looked at the princess shaking her head.

“No Princess Kiara, is everything alright?” Emily asked.

“Everything is fine, I just thought I heard something” Princess Kiara said quickly, Emily nodded looking at the veranda door which was wide open letting a breeze enter the chamber, it cooled the chamber ever so slightly, but the princess didn’t mind.

Emily entered the chamber and Princess Kiara quickly looked at her bed to check that the note was properly hidden before looking at Emily who was closing the door of the veranda, then the blinds not allowing the moonlight to illuminate the chamber.

“Get some rest princess, it is already late” Emily said and Princess Kiara nodded not saying a word as she watched Emily walk out of her chamber before she rushed toward her bed and turned on a little nightlight to read what was written on the small note.

She looked at the handwriting and smiled admiring the small cursive letters, carefully written making her smile at the beautiful handwriting.

-Soon love, I will be the one to make you explore the world, just a little more patience.

She read the note over and over again, checking if it were signed, but it wasn’t, whoever had sent it meant for his identity to remain a secret, nonetheless the princess smiled and nodded walking toward the fireplace and throwing the note in the fire watching as it burned, it was better this way, at least she wouldn’t be worrying about getting caught by anyone about the subject.

“I will be waiting for you, whoever you are” the princess promised looking at the fireplace not knowing that she was being watched from the small crack of her veranda’s door.

“I will be counting on that love”

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Exciting! I can’t wait to read this book. Yay!

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