Chapter 5


The best part about going to a ball was getting ready for it, note the heavy sarcasm, which of course mother would be scolding me for if she heard me, but luckily, she can’t read my mind.

At least I hope she can’t.

Anyway, back to subject, I had been trying on dresses since eleven in the morning, settling for a cream ball gown, chiffon covered the whole dress giving it a beautiful bridal texture as the sleeves which were draped around my upper arms, though keeping my neck, collarbones, chest, and arms exposed, tight around the waist and then it would loosen all the way to the ground.

The heels I chose for the evening were matching beige heels, though they wouldn’t be visible under the long dress, I still had to choose them carefully as my feet may be exposed for whatever reason that may occur and I had to be at my best appearance.

Taylor was making my hair, fixing its natural curls into more defined ones as she insisted that I should be keeping my hair down especially since the dress did not cover my neck or collarbones.

For jewels, I chose a set that would match the bracelet that Klaus had gotten me, not wanting to take it off as the feeling of wearing it gave me the slightest bit of hope that I would be able to see him again one day, even if the chances were all against the idea as I knew that I needed to be careful as I couldn’t get caught or else I was deemed to spending long, cold, endless nights in the girl’s tower, or would even be facing an exile, which would mean that my parents would be sending me as a bride to some kingdom, something that father keeps threatening me with every now and then.

My makeup was light and natural as I never liked using much of it, it simply felt too fake for me, like it hid what you truly looked like, just like that fake smile a person would sometimes be putting on his face as not to show how he or she truly felt, even if it could be seen in his eyes, and everyone would know that he was not truly happy, that fake smile would do just about a covering of his true emotion, that was how I looked at makeup anyway, a distraction, or delusion from reality, one that we lived in, but most did not like.

The door to my chamber was opened revealing mother, she never really did knock the door, I stood up and the maids, and Taylor turned to bow to her, she nodded at them then looked at me as I kept my head low avoiding her eyes only for her finger to be put under my chin to raise my face gently making me look her in the eye.

“Leave me alone with my daughter” mother suddenly said making me frown in confusion, she was never one to really stop me getting ready for something that she asked me to be ready for unless it was important, she however, didn’t look me in the eye as she waited for the maids to leave the room and close the door behind them.

“You look lovely princess” mother said softly, a tone that I rarely heard.

“Thank you mother” I said smiling, she brought a black box and handed it to me, opening it revealing a crystal tiara, turning me to look at myself and her through the mirror as she placed the tiara over my head.

“It belonged to my mother, she gave it to me when I had turned your age a long time ago” mother explained, she was already married to father at the time, having been married at the age of sixteen, as they believed that the earlier they married, the more children they would be having, mother did have a child before me, my older brother, Sebastian, but I was told that he died before reaching the age of two, it broke mother’s heart, but she never spoke of him.

Then she was pregnant with me two years later, she was nineteen at the time, though I was the last child she had, as she lost her baby whenever she did get pregnant, which was almost six times already, I knew that she had lost hope of having another child long ago, but I also knew that she wished for nothing more than that.

“It’s beautiful mother” I said softly, she smiled as she put her hands on my shoulders squeezing them ever so gently before turning me to face her.

“Mother, are you alright?” I asked frowning in confusion at her behavior, her eyes looked somewhat fatigue which made me frown in confusion at why she was not even wearing any makeup yet, nor was she ready and the ball was in an hour.

“I am fine dear, more than fine actually, however, I have come to give you the news myself before your father heard of it” mother said softly, I frowned in confusion, but when she took my hand and placed it over her stomach my eyes widened in excitement.

“For real?” I asked feeling her bump, she must’ve at least been on her fourth or fifth month judging by the size of it, no wonder she’s been wearing all her loose dresses and avoiding any dress that would be somewhat tight or exposing her belly.

“I’m on my eighteenth week” mother said smiling, and I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around her neck hugging her tightly, I knew that it was something that she wanted dearly, and despite not being allowed to hug her at my age, she hugged me back, breaking her and father’s rule, but these were beautiful, special news, father would be so happy when he hears of them.

“Why didn’t you tell father? You know how happy he’d be mother!” I said excitedly looking her in the eye, she smiled, a smile that I haven’t seen in a very long time, as her and father’s relationship grew rustier by the day, him finding her nothing more than a wife to tend to his sexual needs, and her no longer finding that she wanted to be around him despite when he asked for her as they stayed in different chambers.

“I was waiting for the child to grow stable in my womb, I did not want to tell him and risk upsetting him when I lost the child again” mother said looking me in the eye, I took her hands and squeezed them in assurance, my eyes emerald green eyes remaining on her light green eyes as they did on rare occasions, this was luckily one of them.

“The kingdoms of the different realms would be attending the ball this evening” mother said, her mood shifting completely as she slowly removed her hands from my own, I slowly put my hands down and lowered my gaze avoiding her eyes.

“The magic kingdoms included?” I asked, they rarely attended any of our balls, though we were often invited to theirs, mother and father would go, but they never allowed me to attend any of them.

“Yes” mother said and I nodded, she looked at me once again as if examining how I looked like one last time before turning around to leave, I quickly bowed as I knew that she would turn to check if I did, which she did indeed, before she walked to the door and knocked it, Lorenzo opened the door for her and she walked out before Emily, Natasha, and Taylor walked back inside to help me get ready.


It was finally time for the guests to start arriving, and after mother had checked on my appearance one last time, it was time to attend the ball.

“You look lovely princess” Lorenzo smiled, his blue eyes meeting my own and I smiled, he rarely did speak to me, but I knew that he did not like how my parents would be so harsh on me at times, he even offered to help me sneak out to the garden at times, but I would refuse as I would fear anyone seeing us and translating whatever they saw in a wrong way that would lead to Lorenzo’s life being in stake.

“Thank you Lorenzo” I smiled nodding at him, he turned to walk toward the ball room, Emily and Natasha close behind me, though only Emily would be escorting me inside, as the maids were usually not allowed in, but I was not allowed to be alone in case I needed or wanted anything, Emily would be there to fetch it for me.

It was minutes later until the sound of music filled my ears, the flowers which were sprawled everywhere, in the palace, the vases of flowers were usually in my quarter, where my chamber, study, and sitting area were, it was basically like having my own house, but in the palace, as I loved having them, and made sure that they were changed almost daily to keep them fresh and colored beautifully.

Lorenzo and the two guards who were at the door turned to face me, and I nodded for them to open the door.

I was met by a bright light, different shades of gold, white, cream, the sound of music, the smell of perfumes, the eyes of people, all that intrigued me and I found myself mesmerized by what I saw.


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Finally she will be introduced formally to her mate.

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