Chapter 6



They announced my arrival to the ball, and I stood at the top of the stairs, standing elegantly as I eyed the guests carefully, Patravia, the kingdom where I have grown my whole life, but never had the chance to visit or see.

It was odd thinking about it, I read about my kingdom all the time, but had it not been going out two nights ago, I would’ve never had the chance to visit the kingdom, and see what it really was, how the people were, and who they were, in my eyes, only the palace servants and other royalties existed, I’ve never seen any commoners, well, that changed now, but of course no one here knew that.

I went down slowly, careful not to trip on my heels, and also giving the ones who were watching a show, I had been trained how to go up and down these stairs so many times, how fast I was supposed to go, where I was to look, which was in front of me, no matter who stood from the guests, I was not to spare them a glace, in fact, I was to keep my head high, show my confidence and pride, it was somewhat a source of power, at least that was how my tutors described it to me, every girl should be jealous by just looking at me, and every man should be wanting to have a single glace from me, but none would be getting any.

I smiled at my father and bowed as he stood to receive me, extending his hand out for me to take his as he handed me to none other than Prince Caspian, his blonde hair neatly combed, his blue eyes sparkling as he looked into my emerald green eyes, any girl would’ve been swooning to be at his feet, but sadly for him, and luckily for me, I wasn’t any girl.

Truth be told, father had arranged that him and I be married, he was the only man he saw fit to me, it was him or no one else as he threatened, I would be ending up alone in the girl’s tower, despite me telling him that I did not want to, I was not ready for marriage, I earned a slap that night for talking back at father, and an hour of scolding from mother, then an assignment from my tutors to write -I must never disrespect or talk back at my king- a hundred times, I had never talked back at father again and simply went along with what I was forced to do, though I had never spared the prince any glance or words that were unnecessary, unless we had to talk I would avoid him, unless he was in my view, I would not look at him, I could tell that he knew that I didn’t want to be with him, but this was an alliance marriage, and sadly for me, Caspian has been in love with me since we were friends when we were kids, I had grown distant of him when I found out his feelings for me, and yet he has never lost hope that one day I would be falling for him, it was sad in my opinion, chasing after a person that has been showing you that they did not want you in so many ways, but then again, he was more stubborn than I was, the only difference was I was to be punished if I ever showed it, while he got away with what he wanted.

“Princess, looking lovely as always” Caspian smiled, he brought my knuckle to his lips and softly kissed it keeping his eyes on mine, his eyes loving yet mine were as cold as ice, just like they always are.

“You look just as dashing” I complimented meaning it, his tux really did look heavenly on him, but that was how most of the guests tried looking, everyone had to look at their very best on occasions like this.

I removed my hand from his earning a glare from father which was quickly replaced by a fake smile, he grabbed my arm harshly, yet he was careful not to let anyone see what he was doing.

“You will behave as a princess should, and respect your future husband” father hissed tightening his grip on my hand, I winced but made sure not to make it visible as he hurt me probably making a mark, knowing that tomorrow I would be having a bruise on my arm, I simply nodded in hopes that he would let go of my arm.


They announced making father’s eyes tense, he let go of my arm and I had to rub the ache away in fear that anyone would be seeing the red mark that he had left on me, father’s body turned to face the man who was entering, his eyes met mother’s and I could swear I saw genuine fear in them making me frown in confusion before I raised my face to look at this intimidating king was only for my eyes to catch familiar blue ones.

There, in all his glory, wearing a tuxedo, people bowing to him as he walked down the stairs, even father who would never bow to anyone, bowed to him, I bowed following in suite, though it was protocol for me, I was a princess and I would always bow to kings and queens who arrived to balls or events and were announced about.

Keeping my head down, I couldn’t help but smile, then somewhat panic as I realized that the man who had been with me two nights ago, was none other than a king, my heart racing in fear that he would be telling father that he had met me and where he had, it would put me in way too much trouble.

“A princess like yourself should not be bowing” King Niklaus said standing in front of me, he put his finger on my chin and raised my face softly making me look at him, my eyes met his and I found a genuine beautiful smile on his face, one that made me smile as well.

He took my right hand in his and brought my knuckle to his lips and I could swear his eyes lit up when he saw the bracelet he gifted me around my wrist, he gently kissed my knuckle and the sparks that coursed my body made goosebumps rise over my arm making the king chuckle lightly.

“Would you do me the honor of dancing with me?” The king asked softly, his blue eyes meeting my green ones, I smiled and involuntarily nodded as he intertwined his fingers with mine, this time turning his gaze to my father who seemed to be glaring at us.

“What is the meaning of this nonsense?” Father asked angrily, his eyes flaring with rage, one that I had never seen before, no matter how many times he had argued or yelled at me, the rage I saw this time was never seen by me before, everyone’s attention now turned to us as father caused a commotion.

“I believe that it is only fair that I as king, ask this beautiful princess to dance King Leonardo” King Niklaus taunted my father, I had to bite my lip to stifle a threatening laugh at father’s surprised expression, I could see King Niklaus’s lip twitch up in a smile before he pulled me to the dancefloor where the guests were eyeing us keenly.

Not saying another word, father looked at the musicians who had stopped playing motioning for them to start playing once again, this time my attention turned to the king who pulled me closer to him, put a hand on my waist and started swaying to the beat.

“Thank you for accepting my present” King Niklaus said softly, he was careful that no one heard us and I smiled grateful for the gesture.

“And yet, you failed to mention that you are a king, Klaus” I said raising an eyebrow, though the amusement could be seen in my eyes, King Niklaus chuckled and twirled me before pulling me closer, my back against his chest as we swayed softly before he twirled me once again and turned me to face him.

“Would you have spoken to me have you known I was one?” King Niklaus asked, I debated, no I probably would’ve run away actually, taking my silence as an answer King Niklaus raised an eyebrow, one which had me smiling as I let out a breathy laugh.

“Why haven’t you told my father that you already met me?”

“And have him find out that you escaped the palace at night? No, I don’t think so love, I know how aggressive King Leonardo tends to be” King Niklaus said softly, his eyes falling on my now bruising arm, he frowned and glared at it for a second making me feel somewhat insecure before he shook his head and turned his gaze back on me.

"Come on, let’s put some ice on it, it would reduce the swell” King Niklaus said softly, I smiled at his genuine kindness but shook my head, if father saw me then he’d be getting a lot more physically aggressive.

“If father sees me then I’m in for more punishments King Niklaus” I said keeping my voice low, though I was somewhat aware of the werewolf king, vampire king, and wizard king’s eyes on us, they were probably hearing what I was saying too.

“I will not be allowing that love” King Niklaus said gently, his eyes meeting mine and I saw honesty in them, but I knew that it wasn’t a matter he could help with, the punishments would be beginning the second all the guests were gone and father was to stop his ‘loving’ father act.

“Neither one of us will princess” the vampire king, whose brown eyes met mine, said softly, I was right indeed, the kings were all listening in and it was as if they had all planned to, the glare and fire coming out of father’s eyes told me that something was up, and whatever it was, he showed that he hated it.

“Father is getting angry King Niklaus” I said looking the king in the eye, this time fear somewhat showing in my voice, I really did not want to end up being locked once again.

“Good, that is what he gets for breaking a deal and trying to deceit a king”

I frowned in confusion at the king’s words, but his eyes turned to me and I saw a gentleness that I’ve never seen before in anyone’s eyes.

“I promise you, this…” he said running his finger through my bruising arm “will be the last time he EVER lays a finger on you”

With that said, the song ended and we were bowing to one another before going back to where our families, friends, or whoever we were to mingle with were, King Niklaus’s eyes met mine and I saw honesty and determination in them, though what he was determined to do was what I was yet to find out, though I could tell by father’s glare that it was nowhere near being pretty.

It was seconds later that the second song started playing and different kings, queens, princes, and princess started piling in to join one another in the second dance, father however, had his own plans when he saw me alone.

“What have you spoke about?” Father asked, this time wanting to grab my arm harshly only for his hand to be held away causing him to flinch at a tightness that I’m assuming he did not expect, my eyes widened as I took in the scene before me, King Niklaus held father’s hand causing him to wince, I could swear that I saw father’s eyes widen in fear as he saw the cold expression on the hybrid king’s face, his eyes spelled death even I flinched, though my body seemed to involuntarily relax as I saw him near me, I worried for father’s life and safety.

“I believe that you could direct the question to me, and I would be more than glad to answer it King Leonardo” King Niklaus said coldly, his eyes met mine and I shook my head not wanting him to hurt my father, mother, who stood wide eyed staring at the scene and holding her stomach where her baby was fought back a scream of fear as she looked at the hybrid king threatening her husband, it was funny, she didn’t seem phased that father was hurting me, though she’s so worried that the hybrid king would be harming father, that she stood frozen in her spot.

“What are you doing here Niklaus? You have never attended any of the balls, and are aware of not being welcome in our kingdom, why are you here?” Father asked fighting the urge to scream in pain as King Niklaus tightened his hard grip around father’s wrist, it was like he was determined to break it, which was probably the case.

“I have come to take what is mine Leonardo, you tried hiding her from me, locked her up, kept her hidden, but I was very well aware of her existence, and now it is time to take her back home with me, where she belongs” King Niklaus said in a cold tone that had everyone stop speaking and turn to face the two kings with fear in their eyes, the music once again stopping when the musicians realized and saw what was happening, the guards of the palace however, stood frozen, probably unable to even move as I could see the magic kings standing in their faces, just noticing too, that their queens who held a sharp eye, stood in our royal guards’ faces in case they decided to make a move.

“She is my daughter, and you are not to decide what and what is not yours when it comes to her” father said yanking his now bruised hand from King Niklaus’s tight grip.

“We have made a deal of peace long ago Leonardo, and I believe that you have even signed on it” King Niklaus looked beside him, and a guard, a female one might I add, approached us handing him a parchment, which he unraveled and smirked before looking at my father whose eyes were now wide in fear.

“A deal of peace was made on this day, should a princess be born in this kingdom, she would be wed to King Niklaus when she is to reach of age, in return, no harm would come to the humans from the magic realm, and they would have the full protection and safety from them should they need it, signed by King Leonardo the second” King Niklaus read out loud, my own eyes widened as I stared between the two kings.


Not bothering to listen to what mother was about to say, I climbed up the stairs and left the ballroom, I had given them my life for years, watched as they tormented me, and yet they already gave me up to the king years ago.

They had the audacity to treat me like I was a mistake, which was all they saw me as, and had the decency to hide the reason from me, so why bother listening to them now?

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Really enjoying this book atm. Hope it continues to be written this well. First time reading this author
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Kiara is not happy; nor is her mate Niklaus. They can protect her yes; but not try to pretend the agreement was never made. And it looks like the Vampire and Werewolf Kings agree.

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