Chapter 10


I watched as my mate stood frozen while everyone bowed to her, her cheeks turning crimson as she didn’t know what to do or who stood in front of her, but little did she know was that she was going to be the queen of everyone who was in this room, that she was going to be loved and respected by everyone, and that no one was ever going to treat her unjustly.

Everyone rose and lifted their eyes to look at the beauty who was to be my wife, having no jewels on her but the bracelet I gave her, and the ball gown which she was wearing made her look even more special in my eyes as it gave her a natural glow of being her own self rather than whatever she was wearing, and I smiled loving how flustered she seemed as she didn’t know what to do, despite her being a princess, she was not used to being around a big crowd who respected her deeply, but everyone who meant anything has heard of my beauty.

“Welcome to the kingdom princess” Madeline, ou

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The Hybrid King. Kiara is sweet and shy. Klaus is ready to shower her with olive, attention and whatever she needs or wants to see her happy. Sweet chapter. Love this book!
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Laura J. Joslin
good book so far

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