Chapter 12


I sat in the dining room waiting for my mate to join me for breakfast, knowing that Anastasia went to wake her up a while ago, the butler poured my coffee inside my mug when the door opened revealing my mate.

Her blue dress hugging her features perfectly, revealing just the right amount of skin, exposing her collarbone and arms, the dress was tight around her waist and loose around her hips reaching her knee, the bracelet I gave her was the only jewel she was wearing making me smile that she had not taken it off, her hair was left in its natural curls, making her look even more beautiful than she already was.

“Good morning love” I said standing up and walking over to her, taking her hand in mine and bringing it to my lips, kissing her knuckle softly, my eyes meeting hers as I did to see a blush make its way to her cheeks making me smile as I pulled away.

“Good morning your highness” she smiled but I raised an eyebrow at her

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The Hybrid King. Sweet, sweet chapter. The ice cream truck was so wonderful. Kiara is a new child out in the world and Klaus is so sweet to show her all she missed in her horrible life with her parents. So sweet.

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