Chapter 13


I stood in front of the chamber door unsure how I even managed to enter.

My mind on the kiss Niklaus and I just shared, how his lips were pressed against my own, his gentleness, the way he held me close, it felt like my body was begging me for more, to just run into his arms and feel him, hold him close for a little while longer.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice Anastasia and Jasmine, the other maid who had helped me shower and choose my clothing this morning, staring at me with wide eyes, their smiles on their faces telling me that they saw just how flustered I was, but who would be blaming me? I just lost my first kiss to the hybrid king, right in front of my chamber’s door.

“Princess, would you like us to get you something to drink?” Anastasia asked cutting my train of thoughts short, distracting me from losing my own self-control and heading to the king once more, just to feel his touch against me o

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The Hybrid King. Author I love your style of writing and how the chapters flow. This book is wonderful. Thank you!

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