Chapter 2

 **Alpha Andrew's Claims**

   Alpha Andrew's POV  

My eyes opened slowly at the sound of my alarm.

Time for an early morning run. I jumped down the bed, out of my room to meet my Beta waiting for me in front of my door.

"I knew it was high time you woke up" says Mika jogging as he looked at me.

I started running pass him without a reply, he ran after me. We ran out of the pack house and into the woods.  

"You are finally 18, Andrew, how do you feel?" Mika asked staring at me from the corner of his eyes.

"How do you expect me to feel, Mika?" I questioned running past the trees. 

"Well, maybe connected to your mate. More stronger, more happy, more fulfilled" Mika says.

I puffed out hot breathe from my mouth before replying him.

"That's nonsense" my voice sounded rough.

" know I have been thinking about you finding your mate. It will change a lot of things" says Mika.

"Things like what?" I inquired.

"Things like Karen. You know I enjoy seeing you two together, goodness I hope the moon goodness pairs you two together. You are so perfect for each other, I will be annoyed at the moon goodness if Karen turns out to be another's mate" Mike goes on saying.

I scoffed at his words then increased my speed, making sure he doesn't catch up with him.

I haven't even given what he just said a thought. The moon goddess knows best. Hell! The last thing I want is to have such a stubborn disobedient mate.

After our early morning run, I went back to the pack house. Performed some of my usual routine. 

I won't be going to school today, it's not like I even go to school regularly. I only school twice to thrice in a full month, being an Alpha of a pack at a very young age taught me a lot.

I have come in terms with my responsibilities. I value my pack members, I value solving pack problems rather than sitting in a class full of humans and werewolves listening to stupid lectures. 

I already have a company of my own anyways. It's not like I'm schooling so I can get money in the coming future or something.

Well, today is a very different day actually. My birthday. My pack members are all excited, especially the elderly ones. 

They all hope I get to find my luna soon so I can have kids, successors to be precise. 

I strode back into my room after attending to some issues. I went into my shower to take my bath.

After that, I came out to see a dress ready for me to wear.

I know it's Mika's doing. He prefers selecting clothes for me, he doesn't allow me select by myself.

I put on the dress he selected before matching out of my room.

Mika comes to me again. 

"So, as I've told you, your birthday party will be celebrated in two ways. The elderly ones are gonna be coming over now, they are gonna be given a lot of free gifts, food."

"While the younger ones, the ones of age are gonna all gather at the crescent club moon tonight. A lot of teenagers will show up, I bet" he giggles at the end.

"It's not like I have a say in this Mika, or do I?" I rolled my eyes at him.

He gave me a knowing look before disappearing from my side.

Truth to Mika's words, the elderly ones were already gathering outside the pack. The servants were giving out free items to them. 

They saw me and bare their necks open. 

I only nodded in agreement as I walked away from there, back to my office. Immediately I got into my office, a clear image of Karen leaning over my table, her two hands firmly holding onto them while I slammed into her from behind appeared inside my head.

I kept staring at the table, my imagination running wild. It was as if I wasn't imagining it but was actually firing her from behind.

I didn't realize my hard-on until Mika's voice vibrated inside my head. 

"Hope you aren't gonna work yourself out in your office, Andrew? Today is your birthday for moon goddess sake!" He frowned.

I looked down on my hard-on and groaned hard.

"Fuck!" I cussed.

"Andrew? Are you swearing words at me?" Mika's voice sounded inside my head again. 

I groaned then break the mind-link to concentrate on my hard cock.

I must have gone crazy. I must be really crazy! I can't believe I am still thinking about Karen even today. I'm messed up, that crazy stubborn girl has messed me up, I thought, frowning.  

Few hours later, am finally getting ready to hit the club. As usual, Mika has selected a dress for me.

I wore it on, stood in front of the mirror to stare at my handsome self.

Satisfied with my looks, I turned towards the door. I got outside to see Mika standing there, obviously waiting. 

"You look hot! Hot for your Luna!" Mika grins. I eyed him, ignoring his statement.

I got outside the pack house, a Black Bentley car was already waiting there for me.

I enters, Mika entered through the other side.

"You know where we are heading to" Mika says to the driver. The driver nodded, then started the car.

Few minutes later we were standing in front of the crescent moon club. 

The club was already lively.

Mika turns to me as I made to walk into the club.

"Andrew, look at me" Mika demands.

"What now?" I groaned. 

"Your life is gonna become complete tonight, I have a feeling you'll find your mate tonight. That will mean a lot and..." he was still blabbing when I left him and continued my steps.

There were two bouncers standing outside the club, the two were werewolf. I gave specific orders not to allow a human near the club tonight. Tonight I celebrate my birthday with my pack members, I don't want an outside around.

The two bouncers both bowed to me in greetings. I nod slightly to acknowledge their greetings, before walking inside.

I was met with the loud sound of deafening pop music. The building literally shook as people inside jumped and danced in excitement, but as they saw me approaching, they all stopped dancing. They started bowing in greetings and acknowledgment. 

The DJ soon noticed, he reduced the sound of the music as everyone now turns to stare at me.

I could perceive different scents, scents of heavy perfume, scents of sweat, scents of different mix of drinks, scents of arousal but there was this one scent stronger than all other scent.

The scent was literally calling and drawing me to it.

Knowing that I might find a luna today, a lot of female werewolf were staring at me, obviously wishing they turn out my mate.

Most drew closer to me in order for me to notice them, but I kept moving pass them following the trail of the scent.

It's my mate. That's the scent.

Who is she? I wondered, curiousity eating me up.

I finally sighted her.

A girl on purple and black hot dress still dancing and shaking her ass like she wanted it to fall off.

My eyes widened in recognition.

Oh no! 

Moon goddess! Why on Earth did you give such person to me as a mate? 

She has no quality of a luna. She's a disobedient brat for goddess sake! 

Why on Earth?

"Is she the one?" I can hear the curious voice of my Beta ask behind me.

"Andrew, is she the one?" Beta asks again when I kept mute.

"Mika, pinch me first. I wanna know if this is real or not" I ask Mika.

He pinched me on my shoulder, I felt the pain.

"Oh no! Not that stubborn girl please' I groaned.

"So, she's the one? Mika grins. 

All my wishes and prayers were answered. Thank you moon goddess" Mika cooed.

I kept staring at her as she shook her butt.

But, suddenly she stops, then turned to stare at me.

"Oh hi Alpha! You are here, the party is just getting started. Woah! I'm enjoying myself" she winks at me.

I shook my head sideways. Turned then stormed out of the club in annoyance.

That girl is too stubborn. Too annoying, she won't respect me at all once she finds out.

But, I can't lie. A big part of me felt happy at my findings. Karen is my Luna.


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Ldy Tala
English must not be your native language, there are a lot of grammatical errors and flow of the actions/ conversations make this hard to follow even the pov seems more like a woman’s instead of the male alpha
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Lori Gray Crowley
Selected a dress?

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