Chapter 6

Stubborn Alpha's Mate - **Horny night**

          Alpha Andrew's P O V

When I learnt that Karen disobeyed my orders again. I became furious. Must she always do this all the time? Can't she be a good girl for once?

I waited until it was 9 in the morning before going to her house to get her. When her mother opened the door to speak to me, I started hearing Karen's increased heartbeat.

Oh great! She is still at home and yet doesn't bother to come to me at the pack house.

The next, I heard her increased foot steps. I figured out she was escaping.

Immediately I rushed into her room without another word to her mother, her mom followed me to her room and we saw her running into the woods.

Without wasting of time, I followed after her. I got her before she could run to the roadside.

My anger towards her di

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