Sold To Him; My Ruthless CEO!
Sold To Him; My Ruthless CEO!
Author: HEAVENinHELL24

Chapter 1: The Glimpse Of The Future

"Number 15 owned the spot . Who wants to bid higher?” I slowly opened my eyes as I heard some voices that were almost a whisper. I felt the pain on my back and a little hustle in a cold bluster as my hair was untied and my visions were blurred.

"1.2 million!"

"1.5 million!"

"1.8 million!"

"She's actually a high quality and a face that men would give their devotion to. Even two-million isn't enough. Bid higher for a higher possibility of owning her!" As I lifted my head while my sight was slowly regaining its conceit, I noticed different person with names in the industry. They're wickedly aiming for something, for someone?

"Oh! The beauty had increment her consciousness." With a confused look in my dark-brown eyes, I started to wonder and realized. 

Hell no! I'm in an auction!

"Let go of me! Why the hell am I even here?!" I started to scrabbled and even screamed as if my lungs would lost my heart. I knew what they're doing. They would sell me for a well paid price and that’s what they're currently exploiting.

"2.5 million!"

"3 million!” The last thing I remembered was when my father brought me to the mall and left me for an urgent meeting. I could not even imagine how I end up here? 

This is an auction! Crap!

"3 million? Going higher?" The crowd remained silent. I fixed my gaze to that certain someone who paid me. My make-up was even uncongenial but I didn’t care!

"Anyone who wants to bid higher?" I could  barely see a fat man with a bald head. Oh God! He's smiling at me with a huge amount of hidden desires. So old!

"This heavenly beauty is sold to number-----------"

"5 million!" The place became silent. “dollars.” He added that made everyone fell into a trance.

The people were stunned including me. Who would buy a person in such an expensive price? Now I know, people in auction are insanely deep-pocketed.

"Mr. De Villa! N-number 24 just endeavored for five million dollars. G-going higher?" I could sensed that there was something wrong. The crowds countenance and mime proves it.

"Again. This heavenly beauty is sold to number 24! Mr. De Villa." The pack of crowds started to mumble something but I am deeply focused to seek that so called Mr. De Villa. 

I saw a man in a dark corner who's literally staring at me. Even if its eaten by darkness, my senses can still be liable. I can't be lied by my own senses.

"Carry her at the back door, Mr. De Villa will be there in an instance." Before I can utter a word, two men with black suits dragged me somewhere. I am being chained on my hands and my legs. I feel pity for myself.

"Don't you dare touch me. Let me go!" I struggled to get out of their grip but I couldn’t even outstrip their strength. I ‘am actually fragile with a twist of being classy.

"Ouch! Can you please be more gentle?" I settled my deadly gaze to the both of them. They just threw me on the floor as if I'm worthless. Damn them!

"Why would they?" I felt the sudden voltage of electricity running in my system. This voice! This familiar manly voice!

"Long time no see Demonise. My little kitten." The tingling sensation was unexplainable yet confusing. I lazily looked at my back and my vision landed to a well-built man with a fragrance of fortunes. He's still luxurious with a tantalizing blue eyes.

"F-Fergus!" Yes! He's actually Fergus. His black hair like it symbolizes a dim pall on a mass of smoke in the air.

His eyebrows that were like being  curved by an artist for a decade with a wrench of a long pointed nose and lastly----------

"Staring is rude honey." Oh God! His sweet pinkish lips that look so alluring and seductive. 

Every girl and woman would surely love his sharp features. He have a majestic peculiarity with a demonic charisma. He even got more taller and well, more manly than before.

"H-how?" I stuttered as if my throat was being twisted. I'm speechless and feel like I'm dumb.

“How? Is that how you show your gratitude to the person who spent five million dollars just to buy you?" His dark-blue eyes that can make everybody arouses in any aspect turn to a well-dim tincture.

"I didn't ask you to paid me you ASSHOLE!" He greeted his teeth and roughly squeezed my mouth. I could  barely catch my breath. He bended more and accessed his dreadful gaze straightway to mine.

"A simple ' thank you ' well do. Instead of blubbering around, why don't you serve me well? Hmmm? Your body would be enough!" Before releasing his grip, his face visualized a steamy smile that made my skin shivered. He stood up like leading a tribune and said;

"Drag her to my car. I have some unfinished business to settle." The two men in black started to carry me like I was a criminal who needs to be in jail. 

I composed myself and shouted as much as my voice could produce.

"Fergus! Why are you doing this? Isn't your whilom dark secret enough? How could you do such an immoralist act?" My question made him froze for a minute. 

His back! His familiar back that serves as his foreground. I saw how he tilted his head while remaining his alter ego.

“Isn't it clear to you Demonise? You stole  something from me!" A sawed-off pain pinched my heart that made me trembled. He rambled and with just a snap, he's already in front of me while I'm being carried. 

He wickedly smiled that showed his white well-shaped teeth. His breath was even good.

"You stole it honey! That’s why----" He intentionally gave a peek of kiss on my head and whispered.

"I'll ruin your innocence once again.” I felt my blood traveled up to my head. I scrambled as much as I can. 

He's so heartless! I abhor him with all of my heart.

"You'll pay for this Fergus! I despise you!" I shouted at him with full of anger.

"Uh-oh... Hate me later honey." My tears overflowed but I didn’t care! All I wanted was to get away from him! From FERGUS DE VILLA!

My pain!

My affliction!

My nightmare!

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