Chapter 7: " Tasty Dishes "

Fergus POV:

“ Why are you making it hard for me? “ I whispered in her ears and stared at his innocent face. Watching her sleeping peacefully in bed, was always been my daily routine for five years.

Knowing that she hated me makes me feel ashamed of my whole existence. “ Darn it! Why are you so hard-headed? “ I asked her even if I know that she’s still in her deep sleep.

I observed her face once again then stand up and turned around. “ Maybe you’ll not gonna understand this for now, ------- “ I glance at her, lying in bed.

“ But I know that you’ll be aware of the truth, sooner or later honey… “ I murmured and walked away from her. I don’t wanna ruin such a beauty, but I don’t have a chance but to risk my happiness for her.

Demonise POV:

I slowly opened my eyes as a ray of sunlight made my eyes wonder. I regain my consciousness and rubbed my eyes using my fingers.

“ Such a wonderful sunlight. “ I stated as I witnessed a beautiful sunrise from my window. “ Someday, I’m gonna wake up in bed, together with the person who’s dear to me. “ I said.

I jump out of bed and stretched my body. Remembering what happened yesterday, I felt sad and happy at the same time. Sad because Fergus neglected me, and happy because I finally regained my voice.

“ Just smile Demonise! “ I mumbled as a sign of encouragement for myself. I walked inside the comfort room and do my morning routine.

Take a bath, brush my teeth, and get dressed up. That’s the cycle of my life, and I can’t do anything to change it. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a cute little girl. Well, not literally.

Aside from being cute, I noticed that my eyes are all swollen and its obviously the result of too much crying yesterday. O M G! I don’t have the urge to face him again after what happened.

“ What are you doing Demonise? Time for breakfast… “ I almost jump off my cabinet after hearing his usual deep voice. I doubt to turn my face at him but in the end, my sight landed on his well-defined figure.

“ Y-you're here! “ I blurted out because of surprise. I thought that he’s not gonna stay here after what happened last night. “ I mean, I’m coming! “ I added.

He just nodded then leave after closing the door. Why is he still here? It’s a once in a blue moon for him to stay here for this long. He commonly comes here twice a week, and will not sleep at night. 

I don’t know his hidden agendas but yeah! That’s him for three years. Instead of feeling angry, I felt that my heart is quite happy after seeing him still at home. My fragile heart is really unexplainable. Tsk!

“ Why the heck am'I so soft-hearted? “ I questioned myself then walked downstairs. As I reached the dining area, I saw some foods that was being arranged already. It looks extremely delicious that I wanted to eat it including the plates.

“ Close your mouth Demonise. You’re drooling… “ I automatically closed my mouth and gaze at him angrily. It’s not my fault if I suddenly can’t control myself to foods, the foods should be blame by being so good.

“ It looks delicious! Where did you order these? “ I asked out of curiosity. There are three types of recipes in the dining table. And each one of them is such a temptation.

“ I cooked it! “ He proudly said. I found it funny that’s why I laugh so hard while slowly sitting in the chair opposite to where he sat. “ What’s funny? “ He asked then he raises his eyebrows.

“ Hahaha… Your joke is really funny! You can be a great comedian. “ I complimented him while holding my tummy. You mean him? Knows how to cook? That’s the most hilarious joke I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

“ What are you doing this time? “ I confronted him because he’s currently moving the dishes away from me. “ Hey! It’s not funny anymore! “ I exclaimed.

“ You made me as your laughing stock! I’m serious here Demonise… “ He narrowed then smiled teasingly. “ You’ll just gonna watch me eat with only rice on your plate. “ He added then let out a devil smirk.

I looked at him with such disbelief. Really? How can he let his pretty wife starved to death? Such a hot moron!

“ I hope you choke! “ I accidentally shouted. After realizing what I said, I adrubtly sew my mouth with my both hands hiding it. I can see how dangerous his eyes are.

“ You want me dead? “ He stated followed by a creepy grin. “ Your ugly boyfriend will gonna be dead first before me! “ He formally said then feed himself using the spoon on his right hand.

I let out a growl at him that symbolizes my objection to his rude statement. I crossed both my arms and legs and stared at him with full of displeased. How can this man swallow his food while his wife is hungry? Such a handsome perverted jerk!

“ What?! “ He asked innocently while displaying a satisfied smile on his face. I snab at him then feed myself with only pure rice. I wanna cry in order to comfort my crying stomach, but I don’t want to be so childish in his eyes.

“ How’s breakfast? “ He asked after wiping his mouth. “ Just great! “ I sarcastically replied without looking at him. I don’t know why but I think, I’m starting to build a more deep relationship to him.

“ Then, just beg me to have some… “ I narrowed my eyebrows after hearing his offer. It’s actually not an offer, it’s a demand. This perveted bossy man!

“ I won’t! “ I heard him growled then suddenly stand up. I felt my stomach rumbling when he licked his own lips while holding one of the dishes.

“ Pity for these delicious dishes. I might feed this to Min's dog in the office. “ He said. I can feel that he’s intentionally teasing me. Knowing that fooda are one of my weaknesses, he knows that I can’t bare it any longer than five minutes.

“ I’ll eat it then… “ I murmured silently while I was focused on the dishes. “ Louder… “ He said while acting as if he’s leaving in an instance.

The smell, it’s just so damn good! I eat up all my ego and stopped him. “ Hey! “ He looked at me after hearing my voice.

“ Can I have that instead? “ I said without facing him. I’m embarrassed at the moment and I can’t dare to be teased again because of my burning cheeks.

“ Come again? You’re more like an angry wife! “ He demanded trying to get near to me again. He take a sit to where he was sitting earlier and stared at me with a one line eyebrow.

“ C-an I have that instead, Fergus? “ I said then grab one of the plates. “ Aww! “ I glared at him when he slapped my hand. “ What’s your damn problem? “ I added.

“ You were asking me like I’m an outsider. Try to be more sweet. “ I cannot believe to what he said. Is he practicing me to be his dream wife? This is truly insane!

“ You won’t? Then just cook for your own or call for a delivery. “ He was about to stand up again when I automatically hold his wrist. He glanced at my hand then looked at me after.

“ Hmm? “ This devil guy! He’s now smiling tenderly as if he already won. For the sake of these dishes. “ Ahmm… “ I swallowed my own saliva then composed myself.

I don’t know why but it feels that these dishes are the only recipe that can satisfy me from this very moment. So risking my pride is the best option.

“ Can I take a bite? Please?... “ Ugh! This is like a slap in the face. I waited for his reply but I didn’t get any answer. Thinking that it’s all done, I grab the plate but was being slapped once again. Poor little hand.

“ Give me more of your gentleness! Your cute expression and sweeter voice. “ I suddenly cough hard because of what he said. Did he really want me to feel ashamed of myself in front of him?

“ B-but---- “ He cut me off. “ No more buts. That’s my order! “ He roughly said, staring straight into my eyes. So, now he’s making me a clown for himself?

I took a deep breath then used my killer technique. Hekhek! “ Can I eat the dishes that you cooked instead? “ I blink for a couple of times, trying myself to look pitiful enough in order for me to touch his merciless heart.

“ Pleaseee?... “ I added. I pouted my lips and looked at him with full of cuteness. I watched how his adams apple moved. Is my hidden talent effective? Hehehe…

“ You forgot one more thing… “ I stopped and was confused by his statement. I stared at him and by just observing his devilish smile, an idea pop up in my mind. The heck?

“ H-honey p-please… “ I stuttered. My cheeks blushed then I looked away from his dimmed eyes.

“ Darn it! “ I heard him cursed. Is my acting an epic fail? Gosh! I put some nerve to it but I guess, he didn’t like it that much. 

“ Eat it… “ I castly throw my glanced at him when he mumbled. My embarrassment turned to excitement, when I realized that I can now murder the foods.

“ You’re done eating? “ I happily asked when I saw him walking outside the dining area. I’m now in heaven, eating this extremely amazing dishes that I haven’t eaten in my entire life.

“ I’m gonna go to my room. Don’t disturb me or else,---- “ He take a glimpse at me then turn around. “ You’ll gonna witness something unnecessary. It is because of that damn face earlier. Tsk! “ He said then take his leave.

No matter how I process, I still can’t understand what he meant. Instead of struggling to get his point, I boost all my attention to these dishes in front of me. 

I really love the taste. But then something pop up in my mind, Is Fergus really the one who cooked it? If he is, then why would he cooked something when he knows that I can cook for him?

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