Chapter 8: " Loving Myself Is The Best Option "

Timothy POV: 

“ But dad! “ I wanted to scream and let the whole universe know that I owned her, but I don’t have the power and authority to do so. 

“ I already warned you about it Timothy! You keep on doing what you want without thinking about the consequence. “ My father glared at me and stand up. “ I’m leaving. “ He said before leaving the office.

I’m currently in my office right now, organizing everything but my mind is in a mess. “ Why can’t I stop thinking about you?... “ I whispered as I began to explore my thoughts.

From the first time that I have seen her, she became an apple of my eye. I always wanted to tell her about how I feel, but that man keeps on bragging me. Damn him!

“ Someday, you’ll gonna be my property. “ I said trying to fill the loneliness inside my heart. Back when we were kids, she always took care of me and will wait for me to play with her.

But when he came in the picture, everything changes. Her attention, her eyes, her body and even her heart. He took everything that was supposed to be mine in the first place.

Now I want it all back! The woman that should be in my arms everyday. The woman that I always wanted to be mine. Sooner or later, I’m gonna mark her in my territory.

Demonise POV:

“ Are you going to your company? “ I asked. He’s wearing a formal suit that emphasizes his body measure. His broad back, his well-shaped body with muscles that can drag every woman’s attention.

“ There’s something I need to handle there. I’ll be back tonight. “ He simply replied then tied his necktie. His eyes are so mesmerizing, together with his sexy lips. 

“ Take care! “ Before I knew, he already went outside the door and left. Finally, I can breath properly in this house, though I wanted him, but it’s just so uncomfortable when he’s around.

“ Now, what shoud I do? “ I don’t know either. Back then, I used to be in the house because I wanted to be at home whenever Fergus gets back.

I decided to watch an anime series that I love and suit myself to the living room. Hours later, I felt empty. This was always been my life, living alone by myself. But today, there’s something in me who wants to see Fergus.

“ Maybe I can visit him in his office. After all, I’m his legal wife. “ I stated to ensure myself that I have the right to see him. I smiled knowing that I can be with him again. It’ll be fast.

I hurriedly go to my room and dressed up. I wore a white off-shoulder and a black fitted jeans. I only comb my hair and put some light make-up on my face. I even sprayed a little bit of perfume on my clothes.

“ I know I’m beautiful! “ I praised myself. Watching my body from the body mirror, made me realized that I’m actually attractive. I mean, I have some curves and my skin is so soft like it’s so fragile to touch. 

After complimenting myself, I approached my wooden cabinet and reached the car keys. Even if I’ve been stock in here for years, I know how to drive. From the past, I always visit Fergus in his office and as far as I can remember, It’s not really that far away from here.

I went downstairs like I’m almost running, I go out to the house then locked the door from outside. Before resuming, I took a deep breath and feel the cold scenery from outside.

“ It’s good to be free! “ After releasing those words, I open the garage and sit to the driver's seat of my red Lamborghini Veneno. I put a smile on my face then drive my car to where my heart wants to be.

Watching how many people are enjoying their lives outside, I felt insecure, yet, I’m also happy to be with the man I always dreamed to have. The streetlights that seems overjoyed while the cars are beeping.

After half an hour, I reached my destination. I looked outside and saw how tall the building of his company is. It’s huge and luxurious. I parked my car to the parking area below this floors.

“ I think they made this building more extraordinary from the past five years. “ I stated as I get out of the car and walked towards the guard. They smiled at me and I did the same.

“ Are you an employee ma’am? Or do you have an appointment today with Mr. De Villa? “ One guard kindly asked me. Both of them are cute but they can’t be compared to Fergus. Though he’s rude too.

I shook my head. “ No. “ I simply answered. They traveled their gaze to me from head to toe. 

“ But I wanna see someone inside. Can I come in? “ Knowing that they’re completely doubting, I took a deep sigh and said. “ Ok! I’ll just go. Thank you. “ I said trying to hide the bitterness in my voice.

I turned around and was about to walk away when I accidentally bumped someone. I moved backwards and tried to remain my stance.

“ I’m sorry! “ I said then lifted my head to glance at the person in front of me. I was surprised to whom it was. My lips automatically smiled widely from the moment I saw him.

“ Crim! How are you? Long time no see! “ I greeted and gently punch his shoulders. 

“ Mrs. De Vi---- “ He stopped when I glared at him. He knows my secret. That I’m already married and his boss is my husband. Yes! I’ve known Crim five years ago. He used to be an employee from Fergus' company and now, he’s Fergus personal secretary.

“ What brought you here Dem? “ He asked with a smile. He became my friend and my trusted spy here. He became my surveillance camera to Fergus. Whenever someone will be with Fergus, he’ll call me and will tell me everything.

“ I just wanna take a glimpse on Fergus. “ I winked at him when an idea popped up in my sexy mind. “ Crim? Can you help me get inside? “ I asked him with puppy eyes. I know he can’t say no to me.

“ But you see Dem,----- Me. De Villa asked me for a cup of coffee in his office. “ I furrowed my brows. 

“ Can’t he do it for himself? Why is he so bossy? “ I said with full of irration. I heard Crim laugh then stared at me. “ Why? “ I asked.

“ He’s so busy now Den. He didn’t come here yesterday and was late today. I think he’s catching up with some documents. “ He formally stated. Wait… What? He’s busy because he chooses to stay with me the whole day and even cooked for me?

“ Your smile is a little bit creepy. Hahaha… “ He teased me and laugh because of amusement. He can’t blame me, I just can’t control my happiness. 

“ I’ll serve him later, so help me get in! “ I exclaimed, trying to hide my smile. He took a deep breath then nodded. Good boy! Hehehe…

“ By the way, why is he busy? When he can stay in his office and work whenever he want to? “ I asked because of curiosity. I mean, he’s the owner and the boss so he might not pressure himself to work.

“ I don’t know either. He just told me that he'll be off work early to get home. “ He normally said without knowing that my heart is already celebrating. I giggled then followed him when he walked towards the guard.

“ She’s Mr. De Villa's wif-----companion! “ Crim jumped off his words when I pinched him on his waist. I can’t let anybody know my secret rather than the people who’s dear to me.

The guard is still doubting but in the end, they decided to let us pass. I followed him and we talked about our lives before and how we get close to each other.

“ This is it! Just get in here and you’ll see him with the documents. “ He guided me then smiled. I smiled at him in exchange. “ I’ll just gonna go to the finance department. He told me to settle something there. “ 

“ Thank you! “ He nodded then take his leave. I stared at the huge door. I’m currently in the twenty-fourth floor, which is not the last floor in this building but probably where his office was located.

Should I go inside immediately? Or knock the door first? I was so focused about my thoughts when I saw Min walking near me. I waved at him instantly.

“ Hey Minmin! “ I greeted him with a genuine smile and he did the same. Minmin is one of Fergus' friend. He’s more like a trustworthy one and well, loyal to his lover.

“ You’re still beautiful Dem! You’ll gonna visit that grandpa again? Hahaha… “ The one he was talking about is Fergus. They usually call Fergus that way to tease him about his cold personality. 

“ Yeah! Then let’s go inside? “ I asked. Actually, I don’t know why I’m feeling nervous at the moment. Knowing that we have the same intention, I also wanted some company from Min. But to tell you the truth, all his friends are good-looking. Trust me.

“ Just open the door Dem. Don’t bother yourself to knock. “ He stated. I opened the door without knocking, but was stunned because a piece of women’s cloth is in the way.

“ Ahmm… M-maybe he’s s-still busy--- Let’s get some fresh beverages first? “ I glared at Min that causes him to stop speaking. My chest becomes heavier as I walked inside his huge office. 

“ Y-you know what I mean Dem, so please let’s just go outside! “ I didn’t bother to look at Min who’s obviously nervous of what his friend might be doing.

“ If my mind is right, then I’m not gonna follow him anymore. Never. “ Even if I said that, I’m still doubting about my own words. Can I really let him go? Is my heart can still be fix if my senses were right?

“ Dont you like what I’m doing babe? “ My ears burst and my heart was being crumpled when I heard Aziya's voice. I seek from where the voice was coming and I found them in the sofa. Kissing intimately.

Fergus is staring at her while Aziya is sitting on his lap. I can only see Aziya's back but I know that it’s her. I stepped forward towards them but was frozen when I heard Fergus' words.

“ I love what you’re doing Aziya, but----- “ My blood boils when his eyes met mine. “ Demonise! “ By just a snap, I run as fast as I could. Running away from all of them who cheated me. Far away from him!

I didn’t mind his voice that’s calling my name. I always knew that they are lovers, but being a witnessed in their actual intimate gestures is out of my limit.

I wanna hide from him. I want to ruin him as much as how he ruined my heart. This time, I’ll choose myself. I’ll choose my happiness. I’ll choose my future. A future without him!

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