Chapter 73: " Warmth in his arms "

The slender fingers trailed her waist gently as if it will be fractured from a slightest grip. Hence, Dem was not able to move an inch because she was afraid that her illusions might disappear at any moment.

The familiar scent that she was craving for so long was embracing her in reality. But --------- is this reality? Is this the man she loves the most? Is this Fergus De Villa? Is this her husband? 

" Honey, ------- when are you planning to come back? " She touches his arms, feeling it as if it was real. Silly! She might be out of her mind that she even felt and imagined her husband's presence. Yes! This is just part of her wild imagination. So she thought.

Hearing no response, she loosened her grip from his husband's arms. Yes! How can it be her husband hugging her from behind? This is totally just her imagination built by her heart. Though it feels so true, she can't change the fact that Fergus already left.

" Baby Angelica, why do I k
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