Chapter 75: " You're my life. My everything. "

It was as if Dem got herself promoted to heaven. The lullaby's of sadness turned to the happiness' harmony. The rhythm of loneliness transformed onto a pitch of fondness. The hole in her heart was being stitched with affection once again.

They made love with their daughter's presence. Although it may sound rude, but they can't control the bursting feeling inside their hearts. As if it was caged a long time ago and just being released earlier.

" Hmm... " Dem slowly opened her eyes and found out that she was lying in bed with just a comforter on. She moved her head and noticed that Angelica is still sleeping but when he saw the clock, she was stunned when she found out that it's almost 4 o'clock. At this time, Black would be coming home.

" F-Fergus?... " As she pinned her eyes to the empty bed, the thunder of fear rumbled inside her mind. There's no Fergus beside her. Her husband was not in bed. Could it be, --------- a dream?

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