Chapter 76: " You win, ------ daddy! "

" Daddy... "

The word that melted their hearts was once again being heard. Right after Black mumbled the word that he's been longing to say, he quickly turned a way and ran towards his own room. He slammed the door so hard that causes the sound to echo.

In his young mind, he was blown away when he saw a man that looks like his dad who's hugging his mommy from behind. Black didn't know how to react and all he realized was that he's crying. 

Although for the last months that he's been with his daddy was a total competition, but he can't deny the fact that it was a new experience for him. He may be stubborn but deep in his young heart, he cherish and love his daddy so much. That's why when they found out that he passed away, it was like a bomb that exploded.

" Baby Black? Can you open the door for me please? " He's still with his elementary uniform and with his shoes. His bag was on the floor and the blanket covered him in
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