" My Message For You "

Hello everyone! So it's been four months since Fergus and Dem's story was written, and I didn't expect that a lot will be with their journey until this very day. Unfortunately, their story just ended but I know that they're happy now building their own fate and destiny.

They taught us that a relationship won't last long without trust and love. An aspect in which it will mold us to do better and be the person that you think is good enough. 

Some relationship didn't end well, and some are happy to their partings, but a lot are still single and are wondering how it feels to have a special person other than your family. 

De Villa family wants to tell all of you that, you don't need to rush things. You don't have to beg someone's attention and love, you need to love yourself first. You need to know how your heart feels. You need to ask yourself before deciding things that might ruin your perspectives as a person. You need to love yourself.

Your other

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