Rest of Our Lives

Jacob couldn’t believe it. He grasped Seth’s hand as the nurses checked his vitals and wrote things on charts. Seth’s gaze darted around wildly, but always came back to Jacob. The feeding tube down his throat prevented him from speaking, but he occasionally made scared sounds that sounded to Jacob almost like a whimper.

“It’s okay,” Jacob kept saying. “You’re okay now.” He was overwhelmed with joy that Seth was awake, but his heart ached that there was nothing he could do to make this easier for Seth.

Nurses ran in and out of the room, bringing new equipment. The instruments on the cart beside Seth’s bed had calmed down to a steady rhythm of beeps.

Seth’s doctor came in. He checked the monitors, then turned to Seth. “It’s good to see you finally with us, son,” he said. “I’m going to take the tube from your throat now, if that’s alright.” He gently lifted the mask from Seth’s face.

Seth squeezed Jacob’s hand.

“I need you to continue to breathe slowly and evenly. Breath with the
Blair Sterling

Title inspired by Rest of Our Lives by The Light The Heat. I imagine this may be the song that is playing as they dance.

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Thera Rhodes
beautiful. I'm so glad Seth finally woke up. is this the end of the story? if so it's wonderful. if not I can't wait for more. I loved this story so much!
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Blair Sterling
you don't have to read it if you don't want to
goodnovel comment avatar
Jim Henault
really poor follow through on your story. weeks between chapters. oh get real

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