“Come on! If we get going now, we will get in before midnight!” Seth called from outside.

Jacob shouldered his way through the front door with the last box of his belongings. “You know we’ll end up hitting traffic, anyway. The maps don’t tell you about traffic that doesn’t exist yet.”

“All the more reason to get going,” Seth said as he shoved a box over to make room for Jacob’s last contribution.

Jacob pushed his box into the tetris of luggage that was held in place by sheer luck. They forced the hatchback closed together, grunting in unison with one last push to get it to latch. They had bought it together a week ago; their first purchase together, though it was in Jacob’s name since Seth didn’t have a license.

Having completed their packing, they leaned against the back window to catch their breath. This was it. Everything was done.

Two weeks ago, Jacob had walked across the auditorium stage for the first and last time, collecting his diploma before taking a seat among the gradua
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Jermaine Ferreira
Really enjoyed this book!
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Thera Rhodes
I loved this book so much!
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