Chapter 42 - Stuart meets his fate



'Alice, I love you, babe. Now listen carefully. When I say run, just run !' Lucian spoke in my mind.

'But Max...'

'We'll save him too, don't worry. They don't know we are here as the wind is in another direction, but they will soon know. So just do as I say, babe, please.'

'I will dear.' I replied.

Jordan gave me a suspicious look, I ignored him and kept my head down. I wasn't certain if I could shift, pregnant wolves can't. But my wolf assured me that she could take over anytime.

'Run' Lucian said in my mind.

My wolf took over. Breaking the restraints, I ran into the forest. The sound of gunshots rang through the forest. I looked up to see Lucian's choppers hovering over the trees. They were shooting at Stuart and his men. I stopped running, Max could get caught in the crossfire. I returned towards the group I had just escaped.


Lucian -

I felt Alice's pain run through me, the rest of the pack felt the same. I immediately turned and started
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