Alpha Landon
Alpha Landon
Author: Midika



"A measure of a man, is what he does with Power."

To find a feel a mate...

I've only understood certain things in what Dad thinks is right, and what Landon thinks is right.

Dad wants the simple route.

He wants me to find a mate, who isn't necessarily rich, or powerful, but kind and generous. Landon thinks I shouldn't mate at all.

Landon and I have been friends for a considerable amount of time. We meet secretly, because Dad doesn't trust him. I've crushed on the nerdy guy for years now, but tonight, things will change...

He's going to shift, and become my new Alpha. With all the female choice he has, there is no way he will pick me to be his mate.

And as I sit, staring at a picture of us, so happy in the field we meet in everyday, I feel excited to see him, but nervous.

I set the photograph down, and turn, shutting our gleaming faces out. I lean against the table, and breath in the scent of last night's dinner. He's probably waiting for me...

I leap forward, snatch my coat from the hook, and slip out the door.

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Gayle Swank
Where is the rest of the story?

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