Torn between the Alphas
Torn between the Alphas
Author: Linzvonc



Whilst this book is best to be read going in blind in order to fully enjoy the story, I understand that there may be triggers.

This includes, but is not inclusive of;





Mature language

Distressing Scenes

Adult situations

Please understand that whilst I’ve done my best to include all possible triggers, I don’t know what affects you on an individual basis. If you see something and it has triggered you, let me know and I can add it to this list to warn other people. However please understand that I cannot possibly list everything, as that will ruin the story for some people.

I hope you can understand and you enjoy the story I’m telling - not every character is good, and I don’t always agree or condone their actions. But these people exist. Also remember that whilst they are human, they are led by an animal that can often be brutal.

I am channeling the characters that are primative and therefore will not behave like gentlemen. Don’t read this if it bothers you.

It is also worth nothing that no matter how many werewolf stories you have read, this will not fall into line with them all of the time.

I have made this up entirely from my imagination, and I’m going for originality.

So, you may be used to the ‘mating ritual’ being a certain way, or the moon having certain effects, or the bond between the wolf mates having certain stipulations to it, but not in my world.

When the book is finished I will add a preface where it tells you how this world works.

I have tried to respond to your questions individually but it’s hard to keep on track of, I hope you understand.

So leave your expectations of ‘traditional werewolf’ stories by the door.

This is a linzvonc world, and you know as much as i do that I don’t follow tradition.


Linz xx

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Britnie Burroughs
I live this book and I’m having withdrawls I need a second one please !!!

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