Chapter 8


My wolf was silent.

I ran through the forest at speed until the branches closed in on us, the scent of wet bark soothing my senses. My mind whirled with thoughts of the issues the pack faced, mainly the land we lived on.

It was owned by us and had been for as long as I could remember, but land surrounded it that the government owned. For years, they’d pestered me about putting little lodge cabins by the lake, leading to the coast not far down from us.

Did they want tourism or scandal?

There was no way the pack would resist humans dotted around like fucking candy.

I had to stop us from being exposed.

But how?

The Lylan Pack were the closest pack to us, but this didn’t concern them. They were happy in the mountains, and they coexisted peacefully with humans, something I refused to do.

I hate humans.

We’d been lucky enough not to have any as our fated mates, and no one would dare choose a hu

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