Chapter 39


I followed Axel into the woods, my wolf whining that I should’ve told someone in the pack where I was going and with whom.

I could’ve, of course. But I didn’t want anyone else to die.

The air was thick with blood and fear, my own included.

I couldn’t live without Amber.

When I’d left earlier, I’d considered never coming back to the pack.

I’d considered leaving Amber to be with Dominic, with no thought for myself.

It would’ve been simple—Dominic would become Alpha, and Amber remained the Luna.

But I’d heard her cries, her whimpers of fear, and I’d turned back, desperate to do the right thing.

It seemed that was all I ever tried to do; the right thing.

But what was the right thing?

Axel and I shifted, changing into our wolves before thundering through the forest, my nose pricking at the scent of Amber and Dominic.

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