Chapter 43


The way Dante looked at Indie made my stomach flip. He looked at her in the way a woman never wanted her man to look at anyone but her, but Indie was sixteen.

Surely not…

I swallowed, trying to remain calm.

Indie refused to meet my eyes, and with one last glance at Dante, she turned and fled.

Dante swore, dragging his hand through his hair.

“We need to go,” I whispered, the sickening feeling in my stomach deepening when Dante nodded, still unable to meet my eyes.

I’d just told him I was pregnant, and he seemed more concerned about Indie, a girl he’d never met as far as I knew.

“I’m not leaving them all behind, Amber,” Dante said, his jaw clenching.

My heart ached with love for him, my fingers reaching out to lace with his. I didn’t want to go either; I needed Dominic like I needed life.

But Indie’s warning resounded in my
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