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Taking a pack of werewolves into an airport wasn’t my finest suggestion, but nevertheless, it provided hours of amusement.

Amber was busy showing the younger wolves the vending machines until one wolf banged it so hard it set the alarm off.

“Ryan!” I snapped, watching as Amber rolled her eyes.

“Calm down, Alpha,” she purred, stroking my arm with her blood-red nails. “Ryan got a bit excited, that’s all.”

Delta Greg watched in fascination as an aircraft took off from the runway, his face paling when it lifted into the air.

“I’m not sure about this.”

I chuckled, my eyes skimming over the pack, who were sprawled over rows of chairs. Teenage girls giggled as they checked out the teen wolves, and I knew when the wolves flirted back that they would be alright in society.

It had been my main concern, but together we’d prepared them as best as possi
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Oh wow I wasn't expecting that!
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Denise Holloway Barnett
Please let us all know when the sequel is
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Evangeline Goff
when will the sequel come out?
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