Chapter 6

Because I was so curious about who the hell is Nicolas Forbes, I went to their town and to find out that there’s no such person as him. What I met a ghost? A ghost saved me from dying? This is just ridiculous! I mean how is it possible that no Nicolas Forbes lives there? And what’s the purpose of lying? It’s not like I’m going to stalk him now and then.

I was so disappointed. I was hoping that I could meet him here. And yeah, I even dressed up. Well, it’s all normal, dressing upright? Geez, there’s no use.

I decided to stop by an ice cream store but I remembered Nicolas again so I decided to go with him. But ice cream is tempting so I decided to eat.

I was licking the ice cream, savoring its tastiness. Damn, I picked the right flavor. I stopped what I’m doing when I heard someone beside me talked. “Hey, I heard you’re looking for Nico?” I raise my brows at him. And who the hell is this creature? He may have read my expression because he introduced himself. “I’m John, Nicolas's friend.”

“Yeah, there’s no man named Nicolas here, that’s what I heard,” I told him sarcastically. He laughed. “Maybe because you asked the wrong people.”

“Nic is not the type of person who goes out and has fun so no one knows him. Why do you ask for him by the way?” he added.

“Oh. He left his wallet in my clinic, which I found weird because I didn’t saw him visit last night.” I told him awkwardly. “Oh.” He was confused, I guess. I mean who wouldn’t be right? “Where is he now?” I asked him. “As for the moment he’s not available but I’ll tell him to visit you tonight.” My forehead knitted. Why does it have to be tonight? I nodded at him.

“Well then, I should go. Nice to meet you, John, I’m Amelia by the way.” I left the café and entered my car.

My efforts are not paid and I am so frustrated! But it’s my fault, I went there without even telling Nics I’ll go there. I didn’t even know that man that much and yet I visit him in his place. Wow, Nics? Since when did we become friends? Well, he saved my life, he told me something about his life so we’re already friends.

I decided to spend my whole time in the clinic. I don’t want to be in the house because Agnes and her friends hang out there all the freaking time. Lucky for them, they have their husband to give them what they want. As for me having no boyfriend at all, I need to work so I can buy myself a gift. Perhaps one pair of Prada shoes is okay.

It’s already five in the afternoon when I received a call from my dad. I find it weird because dad never calls me. If he needs something from me, his secretary Janice will be the one to contact me. And seeing his number flashing on the screen means something very important is up.


[“Amelia, I have news and you’re not going to like it.”] My heart is already beating so fast to what he said.

“Just spill it, no need for the suspense.” It took seconds before he answered. [“Your grandmother Nina, she died yesterday.”]

“What?!” it’s as if my whole world crumbles as of the moment. [“I’m sorry, I just found out.”] and he ended the call. That’s it he’s not going to comfort me for my loss? Dad never fails to disappoint me.

I know my grandmother is already old. But why so soon? I’m not yet prepared. I haven’t visited them for a while now. The last time I did was three years ago. They lived in the Philippines so it’s really hard.

I called my cousins in the Philippines so I’ll be updated. The burial will be three from now. I can’t make it. I whispered prayers to the air, may you rest in peace Lola Nina.

With a heavy heart, I decided to go home. Because my car is in the auto repair shop I don’t have a choice but to walk. Well, walking can help me burn down my calories.

As I’m passing in the ‘Blue Street’ I felt the cold wind touched my skin. I closed my eyes to feel it. But… I felt something hot in my nape. I opened my eyes and roamed around the area. There’s no one here. I’m alone. Maybe it’s a ghost since this street is haunted. If ghosts exist. Or maybe it’s just my imagination since I was imagining things these past few days.

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