Chapter 7

As I was walking I can feel a strong wind touch my cheek. It’s not just a wind I guess? Because I feel like someone just passed in front of me. But because it’s too fast I rarely see it.

“Animal huh?” I asked ‘it’ whoever is missing with me. It’s just that I’ve got a feeling that it’s ‘it’. A moment later it already showed in front of me. It’s a man!

“W-what you’re n-not an a-animal.” I stuttered.

He laughs like a devil and then his eyes became red. Why does that scene so fucking familiar? Instead of running, I stared at him and feel the weight of his deadly stares. “You’re not animal, but observing the girl’s that you’ve killed you’re worst than an animal.” I spat angrily at him but he just stared at me smirking. I tell you, this creature whatever he is, he is so creepy.

He advances towards me I stepped back. “You have a lot of nerve to say that to me, and yet I can hear your heart pumping like crazy.” He said as he’s twirling my hair, he even made a sign like a heart that’s pumping. Fuck I’m so screwed.

“Your blood smells like a perfume. No wonder that Forbes wants you, but I won’t let him.” He told grinning. Forbes? As in Nicolas Forbes? Why is he dragged in this conversation all of a sudden? His fangs showed up and then he buried it on my neck and I can really feel my blood getting drained. “No. Please.” I begged and cried. I’m helpless.

I don’t know what’s happened but the man is thrown into the wall. My visions are already blurry. But, one thing is for sure that’s Nicolas and he came to save me.

Nicolas is slamming the man in the walls, causing the man to bleed. But the man is also strong that’s why he escaped Nicolas grip. They are fighting like crazy. They’re too fast, what the hell am I witnessing?

My breathing is ragged. I don’t think I’ll make it out alive tonight. Lola Nina, why getting me so soon?

Minutes of fighting until I saw Nicolas pulled the man’s heart and then man dropped… dead. What the fuck? And because of that I don’t think I will be able to live a normal life again. Unless, if I’m going to have an amnesia.

After he was sure that the man is already dead, Nicolas run towards me. “Fuck.” He murmured and then carried me in his arms. “You lost a lot of blood already.” duh obviously. I don’t understand but he bit his hands and offered it to me. “Here drink mine.” I shook my head as a sign of disapproval.

“I’m a human you idiot. I don’t drink blood that’s just so gross.” He looked bedazzled. “Drink this or die.” By the mention of death I immediately accepted the offer and drink blood from his hands. Fuck, it tastes like iron. “Good girl.” He said while patting my head. Does he think of me as a dog?

I maybe a woman with pride, but I’m so thankful with this man because he saved my life. “Thank you for saving my life… again.” I whispered. “It’s not like I have a choice.” He whispered too. I take that as ‘welcome’.

Even if I wish to die before, I just realized that now is not the right time. It feels like I have so many things to do in this lifetime. I have so many things to do in my life. I still want to marry someone and have kids. I still want my mom to be proud of me, wherever she is right now. But soon I wish to be with her again.


I woke up in a very comfortable way. My neck hurts, my back hurts fuck everything hurts like hell! “You’re awake.” I heard a baritone voice. It’s Nico he’s reading a book just across my bed. The bed I’m in I mean.

“Where am I? What time is it already?” I asked while panicking. Dad will be mad at me. “To answer your first question, you’re in my house and second it’s already nine in the morning.”

“I gotta go!” I tried to stand up but my world is turning so caught

me in his arms. “What’s with the rush? Are you afraid of me now?” he said as if he’s being careful with the words that he chose. “What? No! My dad is probably having a search and rescue by now so I should go!” Well that’s the truth I’m really not afraid f him, I don’t know but I feel comfortable with him.

“You’re old enough, why does your dad have to control you?” I don’t know why but he’s got a point. “I don’t need your opinion.” I said the opposite. He let go of me and left the room. I don’t know why but I regret telling it to him.

I sighed. He’s the least of my concerns right now. He being a vampire and all is already a headache. But my dad’s wrath is another problem.

I decided to went outside and go home without saying goodbye.

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