Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Brothers

Greta didn’t push me to believe the rubbish she’s been telling me. She just smirked at me and left the room. My goodness that old woman is really a creep.

Every time she’s near I shiver. But I shouldn’t think about her. Because Nicolas here, have a brother and he didn’t tell me. His brother is as handsome as he is.

I went downstairs because I feel fine. I can hear the two talking. Greta’s not around maybe she went home. I walk towards the kitchen because I guess they’re there. But I was shocked to see them fighting!

Lance started to throw Nic while Nic is trying to choke Lance.

“What the hell is going on?!”

My shriek caught their attention. They just wipe off the blood on their mouth and they laugh together. Okay, what was that?

“Sorry, we weren’t able to see each other for years so that’s a way of greeting each other.”

Nic explained when he noti
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