Chapter 15

Amelia’s POV

I went home to get some clothes because I didn’t bring any. Dad is still unconscious, the doctor said that he will wake up any time soon and I don’t know if it’s better if I’ll be there or won’t.

Wandering in the house alone, I can really tell the difference of the aura here and Nicolas’. He’s house just gave me security that no one can harm me there. Maybe because he was there? I wonder what’s he’s reaction the moment he reads my note. Will he go berserk, but I doubt. Who cares about me anyway?

Even my own father thinks that I’m a trash. So what more to Nicolas whom I just met lately?

I went to the kitchen and I can sense that something’s burning. It smells like a plastic. Out of panic, I put some clothes above it but I just made it worse!

I stared at the fire and it feels like it’s calling me. Telling me to touch it and so I did.

And the moment I touched it, the
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