Chapter 16

Chapter 16

As the waves crashes and laps, the nervousness crept into my system. I am now embracing the real me – a witch. A woman who can do something to change our world. To bring peace and harmony to the world that I am living once and for all.

Vampires and witches are enemies yesterday, now and even tomorrow. The burning rage if one sees the other is always there. It was like we were made to despise each other. To despise our kind. But now that I’ve think about it, we are just the same. We can’t tell people what we really are because that might put us to danger.

And I wanted peace, not by killing them but making them our allies. Vampires deserve to live in this world. They are judge because they fed on blood. But it’s also our fault because we had made what they are right now – monsters.

And to think that Nicolas is one of them it breaks my heart. Every witch that is born is destined to kill a vampire. It’s who we are. But h
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