Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Treat

We are now on his kitchen both seated at their dining table because I am treating his wounds.

“Ouch!” he winced the moment the medicine has touched his skin. I rolled my eyes at him.

“You’re a vampire this kind of pain is nothing.”

“This is different, my love.” I suddenly stop treating his wounds because of the endearment he just called me.

“W-what… did you just called me?” I ask him obviously stuttering because my heart is beating erratically.

His forehead creased. “My love? Why? Does it make you uncomfortable?” I shook my head.

“Nope, it’s just that it feels so foreign. It’s been a long time since someone called me that.”

His face became soft. “Really?”

I laughed. “Really. Because they are all flings and sometimes no strings attach.” I shrugged the moment I finish my sentence.

His face became da
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