Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Disagree

“What the hell is that witch doing here?”

“Tone down your voice, she might wake up.”

“Have you gone nuts Nicolas? That’s the fucking queen of the witches! And then hell you’re dating her?!”

I woke up because of the noise. It seems like someone is in the house. It’s a girl I supposed. I was awake but didn’t open my eyes. I want to know more.

“Please tell me you’re just using her!” the girl told him.

I was taken aback about what she said. What does she mean by that? That Nic is just using me? For what?

I didn’t hear any reply from Nic. Instead it feels like the girl was drag outside by Nicolas.

I opened my eyes. We’re just starting and yet there are so many issues already. First, who’s that girl? And second, what does she mean by Nic’s using me?

I couldn’t help but doubt Nicolas’ love for me.

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