Chapter 20 Bonus

Running a brush through my hair while sitting at my mirror, I daydream of what Alpha Kenn and I would do tonight. I have been brushing for a while, and my hair is completely detangled, but my mind cannot stop wandering to him. I think I may be in love with him, which worries my friends because he is not my mate. They sat me down and told me that as soon as I find my own mate, I will be entirely infatuated with him and forget about Alpha Kenn, but I convinced Alpha Kenn otherwise, telling him that the Moon Goddess has made a mistake, not pairing us together. He said that I am his true mate, a bond far beyond what the Moon Goddess could have given us, and promised me that we would rule the pack together. Alpha Kenn had lost his mate and told me that it was fate that he'd meet me.

Now, the Moon Goddess has told me that she makes no mistakes and that my one true partner is out there, and as

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Valerie Crabtree
the book was good but the ending was terrible. I need another update
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Laura Carrasco
when will the next update be I've been waiting for so long and really like the book
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