Chapter Twenty Four

Marianne folded her arms as she waited for Raphael to give his response. A lot of conclusions were already running through her mind,

"he is such a bloody stalker, now he is using my babyg girlto get to me, why can't he just be a man and admit to the fact that he…"

Raphael chuckled and ran his hand through his hair,

"relax, I bare no ill will, I promise", he said,

"I was having some coffee and reading the morning newspaper at the cafeteria right out of this store. I had seen the both of you walk in here and I thought it rude to not make my appearance

to a new friend".

"Friend? What friend?" Marianne stared into his brown eyes as he moved in closer to her.

"If you don't mind, I could

stick around and help you out", he offered.

There was a silence between them and it was becoming awkward,

"OKAY! That would be lovely because we were actually looking for a third

party member to help us wit
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