Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty

The feeling of her heart racing was driving Marianne crazy, her hands trembled so much that if she was asked to hold anything, the object would drop to the floor. She tried to fight back all the terrible things that were running through her mind for the sake of Lucy and George, yet she didn't know if she had to be mad at them too for keeping the news a secret.

"How could this be? This is a lie! You can't possibly…. " tears ran down from Marianne's eyes and George reached out to try and comfort her,

"No! Don't touch me! You knew that this was my father but you never told me, you kept it a secret from me this whole time, and for what!?" She yelled.

At that point, Marianne stood up to keep her distance from the man she called a criminal, the man that claimed to be her father.

"Lucy, why are you so quiet? Tell me that this is a joke, please!"

"Marianne, I'm just as shocked as you are right now, I had no idea that you were my sister thi
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