Chapter Thirty One

The next day had arrived and Marianne was getting more and more impatient. She tried hard to keep that to herself but not all of it would stay hidden. Lucy noticed that she was stuck between losing hope and having the will to still fight for her daughter.

Sometimes, her eyes lit up when she saw more armed bodyguards arrive at Lucy's house. The search was becoming more and more real, nothing like what Marianne thought it was going to be. She imagined that the solution she had in mind would have worked better, easily informing the police about the missing girl and then putting it all over the news and in the newspapers, on posters as well.

She imagined that anyone would have called the police back and given them leads to Raphael because he would have been the said suspect. Marianne, at some point, even went to George about it, just so she could understand exactly why he decided to call off her plan.

"Marianne, do you really think that the detectives under the law are du
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