Let it go ?

Jonathan stood there as he watched her walk away again. He knew that he had to make a choice between letting her go like she had asked him to do in her letter or to go after the one woman he knew he would love forever. He didn't know whether seeing her again had relieved him of some pain and longing or had made his longing for her more intense. He remembered the scene he had seen barely half an hour ago. It had felt so wrong to watch Liza slow dance with someone else, it should have been him and it would have been him, had he not messed up the most beautiful thing that had ever happened to him.

Jonathan didn't even know if Liza had found somebody new to replace him and as much as he wanted to, he couldn't just waltz back in her life. But he also couldn't let her go. He had promised himself that if they ever crossed paths again he wouldn't let them go separate ways. His thoughts were confusing him to no end. On one hand, there was a chance that Liza already loved someone else, and going after her would only cause her pain but on the other hand, there was also a possibility that they could rebuild their relationship and have the life they had both once dreamed of.

The only thing he was sure about was that he needed to have her in his life. He had been a machine for the last four years, barely showing any emotions, meeting her again had brought him back to life, reviving all those buried feelings. He had been stupid when he had cheated on her and even more stupid when he had accused her of the same but he wasn't the same man now. He had grown and learned from his mistakes, if given a second chance he would never make them again. He checked his watch it was 7:00 Pm and he had a flight to catch, he had a choice to make. He could go back to New York and walk away from this fateful encounter or he could go back to the wedding and take a chance.

He didn't want to be the cause of more tears for Liza but he also didn't want to let go of her. He was stuck in limbo. He had taken decisions that could make or break his company without hesitation and yet here he was standing on the beach unable to decide whether to go after the love of his life or not. He took a deep breath in and closed his eyes. He saw Liza smiling on their wedding day, walking towards him in a beautiful white dress and he knew then and there that his decision had been already made. He took out the cell phone and texted Dave. 'Cancel my flight and wait for the instructions. ' This time he would stay and fight for her. This time he wouldn't let her go and with this thought, he made his way back to the wedding.

Liza sighed in relief as she reached the wedding. Meeting Jonathan had been emotionally tiring. It had taken a lot of willpower to not turn back and slap him for showing his face again. Liza had said that she had forgiven Jonathan in her last letter and she truly had but that didn't mean that she was ready to face him again. Her mind was in a jumble and her emotions were all over the place. She had somehow managed to keep their encounter short and professional. After had initial shock of meeting him had worn off, she had handled it pretty well. The only thing she prayed, for now, was not to meet him again. Alice hadn't told her that Jonathan was attending this wedding or she would have never come here but then again she should have known that Leslie would have called all the people who were on top of the business food chain.

She gulped down her fourth glass of red wine as she sat down on one of the chairs near the bar. She had never been much of the drinker but tonight she would need as much liquid courage as she could get. Her eyes scoured the area looking for Jonathan and to her surprise, she felt a little bit of disappointment seep into her when she couldn't find him. She shook her head as if to clear her mind but it was already a little clouded by all the alcohol she had consumed. She got up from the seat but swayed a little as she saw the world before her tilt a little bit towards the left and then a bit more towards the right. She wondered if there was an earthquake and then suddenly everything started to spin making her lose her balance. She closed her eyes ready to embrace the pain but it never came. Instead of smashing her face in the makeshift hardwood floor, she found her face buried in someone's warm chest. She felt her body go lax in the arms of the stranger and the only words she heard were "Found you." Before her vision went blank and she fell into a deep pit of drunken unconsciousness.

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