Falling Apart

It had been four years since Liza started dating Steve and one week since they decided to call it off. It had been a mutual decision. With Steve continuously wanting to and having to travel around the globe and Liza's desire to stay rooted in the place she called home, it had gotten too difficult for them to maintain their relationship. It wasn't that they didn't love each other anymore but they had drifted apart along the way and both of them realized that it was better to part ways as friends rather than to crash and burn later. Liza still remembered the day they had decided to break up. Liza had just gotten home from the office to find a brooding Steve sitting on the couch. She kept her purse on the table and pecked Steve on his lips. It had become a sort of homecoming ritual for her whenever Steve was in California. She loved the feeling of stability, of knowing that she would come home to find him sitting on the couch or in his study. She loved the domesticated life that they h

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