The One Who Almost Got Away

Liza groaned as Alice nudged her with her foot again. They had been going over this for the past week and even though Liza wanted nothing more than to acknowledge the truth in Alice's words, she was still hesitant. It had been almost a year and a half from her break up with Steve. She was over him. She hadn't lamented on the loss of her almost perfect relationship with Steve for as long as she thought she would have. They had really fallen out of love, she guessed. She had seen Steve's picture in a magazine with some supermodel, the magazine claiming them to be an item now, however instead of feeling jealousy she had merely felt a slight tug of missing her friend. She had instead focused her attention on Jonathan sitting in front of her, stuffing his face with cupcakes she had brought. They had been flirting with each other for months now. An occasional wink, a suggestive remark, smooth comments by Jonathan making Liza blush, and of course his sincerity which was

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