Chapter 2603

After the call ended, Shaun frowned.

Even if Eliza was an actress, an actress was also human. Moreover, she was the woman Chester wanted to have forcefully.

Chester was not taking Eliza seriously. No wonder his wife was so furious.

Shaun truly felt that Chester discriminated against women and did not take them seriously.

There was a saying not to burn one’s bridges. Chester had sex with Eliza, yet he did not give her any chances. His attitude would surely bring him trouble sooner or later.

9:00 a.m.

When Eliza drove her car out of the condominium, she was blocked by a large group of reporters and fans outside just after she exited the entrance.

“Eliza, is the scandal on the internet true? Have you been a mistress since you were in university?”

“Eliza, I heard you had an abortion for Young Master Patterson’s sake before. Can you live up to the fans who have always believed in you?”

“Monte Patterson and the eldest young lady of the Tanner family have gotten engaged. Doe
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