Chapter 2606

However, it seemed like fate did not want to let Chester release Eliza.

Eliza sighed. She had set up a scheme for Chester, yet he used her as a shield.

It was too ridiculous.

Eliza waited at the office for an hour.

Chester entered from the outside. He was in a pair of black slacks and a white shirt. His shoulders were wide, and he had long legs. His aura was outstanding. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing the smooth lines of muscles on his arms.

After the door closed, Chester sat on the office chair. His unrivaled, handsome face was slightly raised. His eyes behind the lenses looked at Eliza indifferently.

“What’s the matter?”

‘What’s the matter?’

Eliza thought in her heart. Those were the funniest words she had ever heard.

Although she had always been calm, she could not control her body from trembling at that moment.

“My name is tarnished. All of the advertisers and film directors are calling me and scolding me, wanting to terminate their contracts with me. I’m no
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Comments (5)
goodnovel comment avatar
Vendoria Greer
When will this piece of garbage pay for raping her repeated? I just hope she does not get pregnant bu the bastard!
goodnovel comment avatar
Rani Arinto
when Chester will feel sorry for everything his done ?
goodnovel comment avatar
Maluisa P Dacula Kylle
author I like this story but I don't like that soon they will be forgive each other , maybe forgiveness but not be together again I hate chester and Rodney update pls . I can wait for there lost.

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