Chapter 2607

“Eliza, let me tell you this. You’re the company’s artist. After signing the contract, as the company’s employee, you should always place the benefit of the company and its boss first. Think about it. Isn’t the company the one that gave you what you achieved today? This is a piece of advice from me. Take this 100 million dollars and leave. After the scandal dies down, the company can still find an opportunity for you to make a comeback.”

Eliza could not bear to continue listening. She swept all of Chester’s documents on the table to the floor as though she was triggered. “Don’t treat me like a fool. Is making a comeback that easy? I’m an A-list celebrity now, yet you exploited me fully. How many years will it take for this incident to die down? By that time, I won’t have the advantage of being young anymore. You won’t like me either. The competition within the company is fierce. How will there still be hope for me to make a comeback?”

“You have a death wish.”

Chester grabbed her arm
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